EGBA Wants to Build a Sustainable Future Through Cooperation

EGBA Wants to Build a Sustainable Future Through Cooperation

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has issued a series of demands related to the promotion of a safer gambling environment on the continent. Among them, is the need for casino operators and trading associations to cooperate more and promote safer gambling practices. The main goal for these recommendations expressed by the EGBA is to make sure the industry’s future is a “sustainable” one. 

A Stronger Culture of Responsibility Is Needed

The EGBA, which was praised by the European Advertising Standards Alliance for its Responsible Advertising Code at the end of July, used the voice of its secretary general Maarten Haijer to talk about the constantly evolving demands for a safer gambling environment on the continent, as well as the need for operators to “take their representation in society seriously”. This is needed to guarantee the sustainable future of the industry and avoid stricter rules that would severely affect their capacity to keep doing business. 

Both trading associations and casino operators were urged to “work closely together towards a stronger culture of responsibility and cooperation” that would do a better job at representing the industry.  

Haijer also recommended a set of rules for companies. Among them, joining a trade association, contributing to the development of local codes of conduct and continuing to apply them, and creating stronger bonds with stakeholders and industry critics. Gambling companies are also advised to constantly meet with political and regulatory leaders to find, assess, and fix problems. The need for self-regulatory initiatives was also mentioned, along with the necessity to be “open, honest, and transparent” about their activities. 

Strengthening the Industry’s Voice

The need for enhanced cooperation with special emphasis on the field of safer gambling practices will be expected to assist industry actors with sharing their learnings, insights, and practices regarding those initiatives that have shown positive results as well as those that are not recommended. The EGBA asks all parties to collaborate in order to create “a more supportive ecosystem to amplify the industry voice”.

The European online gambling association’s platform that was set up in 2019 already reunites 21 trade bodies that continuously share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas. More members are encouraged to join it and participate in its growth. With too many operators sitting on the periphery of the sector and not bringing any contribution to the representation of the gambling industry as a whole, EGBA considers the advice more relevant than ever. 

At the end of April, EGBA asked for a common framework to be used to screen problem gambling across Europe.