ESIC to Host Inaugural Summit with Help of Clarion Events in 2022

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) is committed to eradicating fraud from competitive video gaming and creating a level playing field for all. Part of this effort is to bring all stakeholders together through the newly announced ESIC Global Esports Summit (EGES) which is set to take place on February 2-3, 2022 at the ExCel London.

Creating New Opportunities within the Industry

The EGES meet-up will introduce stakeholders to ESIC’s mission and help the esports industry establish more connections. The meet-up will involve publishers, tournament hosts, teams, media, and other parties that may be interested in advancing a fair and transparent industry. There will be numerous panels and topics discussed.

One of ESIC’s main panels will be invitation-only with the ESIC Masterclass on Crime, Fraud, and Esports bringing together individuals from various law enforcement and government bodies to discuss the growing threat of crime in esports, but the event itself will be much broader and more comprehensive, concerning the esports industry on all possible levels.

ESIC is ultimately looking to create a place where industry stakeholders can meet and discuss on reputable and neutral terms any side of the business that they may be interested in. ESIC head of global strategy and partnership Stephen Hanna commented:

“The ESIC Global Esports Summit represents a great opportunity for the industry to come together on a regular basis in a neutral environment to discuss topical issues in a meaningful way. By involving a wide cross-section of the industry including key publishers, tournament organizers, teams, agents, and others, the EGES is poised to facilitate progress for the industry.”

ESIC head of global strategy and partnership Stephen Hanna

ESIC is also teaming up with Clarion Events to ensure that the industry meet-up will go smoothly. Clarion Events is an experienced host of large-scale professional meetings and conventions, and the company is behind some of the biggest expos in the iGaming industry.

Taking on the Main Problems Head On

The event will have numerous speakers from established companies across the industry, including Ubisoft, ESL, FACEIT, Riot Games, and many more. ESIC also wants to explore how non-endemic entities may be introduced to esports, bringing value to both video gaming and their respective brands. This will happen through the “Outsiders Buying In series.

The Think Thank part of the EGES will concern itself with a selection of topics, some of which include “Bomb Has Been Planted – Crime and Punishment,” “Tournaments in a Post Covid-19 World,” and more.

In a nutshell, the ESIC event will be filled with interesting topics that stakeholders would be interested to hear and contribute to. ESIC has sought partnerships with numerous organizations to reinforce its integrity offer.