Esports Betting Regulations and Gambling Scandal

This week’s gambling news finds that the Nevada Gaming Commission is now considering the regulation of esports betting! Unfortunately, now is also the time that a huge esports betting scandal is making gambling news headlines. At least six esports players and a coach have been disqualified from the NBA 2k Esports League for betting on games!

Hello friends! And welcome to This Week in Gambling, where voters in California are headed to the polls for the big sports betting vote. And that is NOT this week’s big story… because no one knows what the hell is gonna happen! If you’re reading this video after election day, obviously you know the results. That’s not a luxury I was afforded on Monday. However, if exit polls are to be believed… and the industry experts are correct… then both of the California sports betting propositions have failed.

What exactly does that mean, though? That they failed? Well for starters, it means that folks in California will be waiting at least until  2024 before sports betting can be tried again. It also means that all parties involved… including the tribes and big sports betting operators… will have to get their shit together and work with one another if they want to have any hope of making sports betting in California a reality.

Meanwhile, right next door in Nevada, things could not be better! The state’s streak of consecutive billion dollar months for gambling revenue continued last month, reaching 19! And soon, the state could also have another source of gambling income! This week’s big story is that Nevada could soon be regulating electronic sports, or Esports. The Nevada Gaming Control Board is currently considering the regulation of Esports, and if approved State residents as well as visitors to Las Vegas would be free to bet on the outcome of video games… just like there are any other sporting event!

Of course, betting on the outcome of video games does come with some pretty big questions about integrity and ethics. So naturally, now that Nevada is considering regulating the activity, here comes a big Esports gambling Scandal right on cue! The NBA 2K Esports league has suspended six players and a coach  for either betting on games or trying to bet on games… which I am sure some people will point to and say this proves  that these games cannot be regulated. However, I believe exactly the opposite. I believe this shows that the safeguards in place did their job. I believe this shows that regulation can identify and stop this sort of activity.

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And finally this week, some of you may recall that earlier this year Caesar’s Entertainment was dead set on selling their Flamingo Las Vegas property. And all they wanted for it was a cool billion dollars. However, recently some things have been happening which have caused them to rethink this decision. It seems that the flamingo is making money. A lot of money. And that combined, with the fact that no one wants to pay  a billion dollars for a 75 year old building, has convinced Caesars to hold on to Flamingo. In fact, the company now says that they will not be selling any  of their Las Vegas Strip properties.