Everi Holdings Joins US Army Employment Program to Support Vets

Everi Holdings Joins US Army Employment Program to Support Vets

Brick-and-mortar and online casino gaming provider Everi Holdings has decided to join the US Army’s Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) initiative. The latter is an important cross-sector program meant to provide former soldiers with opportunities to land private jobs as soon as their service concludes.

Everi Will Mentor Soldiers While Moving to Private Jobs

By joining the initiative that brings together numerous organizations from both the private and public sectors, Vegas-based Everi Holdings will bring its own contribution to the mentorship of freshly commissioned officers and soldiers. Everi will help ease their transition toward private sectors by facilitating interviews for gaming, technology, and fintech-related jobs for ex-soldiers who own the necessary skill for these jobs.

To mark the official partnership, executives and veterans from Everi reunited with Army representatives during an official ceremony. Everi’s chief executive officer and president Randy Taylor expressed the company’s excitement to be able to celebrate the initiative with the Army, while identifying and connecting with talented people with strong work ethics, focus, discipline “cultivated while in service”. The company that reached a record-breaking revenue of $660.4 million in 2021 considers the partnership to be a win-win situation for both parties.

At the same time, through this initiative, the Army is expressing its efforts of partnering with the business community in the country while attempting to better reconnect the US with its soldiers.

PaYS, a Recruiting Incentive to Man the Force

As opposed to its sister services, the United States Army is believed to have a much greater and more successful initiative to recruit active-duty officers from the National Guard and the Reserve on a yearly basis. Initiatives like the PaYS are one of the incentives of recruiting veterans with the purpose of manning the force.

PaYS is a partnership between the Army and a variety of companies, corporations, and agencies that belong to the public sector means to offer the American youths the chance to serve their country while also planning for their future.

Companies that decide to collaborate with the PaYS initiative will get to work side by side with Army Recruiters, as well as Army National Guard Recruiters and local Reserve Officers’ Training Corps during community events.

These events are meant to send clear and powerful messages for the youth, including the importance of continuing one’s studies, setting a career goal for the future, selecting the right friends, staying away from drugs, and leading a life focused on positive values. At the beginning of February, Everi Holdings announced it would acquire eCash Holdings, an Australian company that offers payment solutions for businesses in the gaming industry. Previously, Everi announced the purchase of a series of strategic assets from Atlas Gaming in order to retain the developer’s key members and ease its transition to the Australian market.