Ex-Felon Shoots Himself with Concealed Gun at Las Vegas Strip Casino

The news was confirmed on Friday, with the man having brought in the gun by concealing it in his paints. The gun was not registered and Ronnie Delouth, the man who was injured, will most likely face charges at a new hearing scheduled for Tuesday, February 28 over the incident.

Delouth will most likely remain in medical care prior to his hearing, with no records of him being transferred into police custody just yet. He was rushed to a hospital last Tuesday and is in critical condition. Video footage showed Delouth alone and moseying along across the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas when he collapsed local outlets cited by The Associated Press confirmed.

Video recording also showed that Delouth was able to remove the gun from his person and hide it under a slot machine as security was arriving on the scene. His reaction is understandable as convicted felons are prohibited from carrying arms and the law treats such offences seriously.

Delouth served time in prison over burglary and attempted robbery in 2012 in Las Vegas. His case was not commented on by either an attorney or the property. MGM Resorts International spokesperson Brian Ahern said that the company prohibited firearms at all of its properties and expected such items to be handed over to security for safekeeping while patrons were on the premises.

More Gun Accidents and Violence Across Casino Properties

A similar case was registered in Massachusetts, taking place close to another MGM Resorts property, Springfield. The police took down an armed gunman on Saturday. The suspect was acting aggressively towards others and prompted concern that he may be about to carry out a gun attack inside the property. However, he decided to leave instead.

It was unclear whether he had the gun with him on the property before he left and was met by police outside. The suspect opened fire at the Massachusetts State Police Gaming Enforcement Unit and local police units from Springfield.

In the exchange, he was wounded and taken to Springfield’s Baystate Medical Center which is less than three miles away from the place of the shootout. The man passed away from his wounds, with no further information available to the public as to who he was.