FanDuel Revenue Projected for $5 Billion by 2030

Parent company Flutter Entertainment believes that they will see nearly $5 billion in earnings generated by FanDuel revenue before the year 2030. This from projections that their US-facing brand will generate as much as $16 billion in sports betting handle by that time. The company feels that in just seven years, FanDuel revenue will have the potential to make up to five times the amount of cash it produced last year, which would translate to a handle somewhere between $15 and $16 billion. What’s more, is Flutter believes the whole US sports betting market would be worth over $40 billion a year at that point.

Of course, for those projections to be accurate a lot would need to go as planned. That would include a situation where a full 80% Americans are living in states where sports betting is legal. Plus, at least 25% would need to be residing in states with some form of regulated online gambling. But in reality, a lot has already gone better than planned for the industry, exceeding even the wildest expectations. So while some may find these numbers a bit optimistic, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, betting on sports is already legal in thirty-two states, meaning that nearly 65% of the them have already jumped in on regulation. Back in 2018, before the business of sports gambling was opened up by the Supreme Court decision, that number was just two. It’s also worth pointing out that as a result of the FanDuel revenue already being generated, the company is already the market leader in the country. Currently, they control over 40% of market share.  The next closest competition is from DraftKings, with less that 25%. BetMGM is in a distant third place with just 15%.

Second, they are already ahead of their competition. “We’re leading in nearly every state we operate in…” said their chief executive, Amy Howe. And in fact, they are the leader in twelve of the states where they operate. The company added that they were also well ahead of others when it comes to efficiency and margins. They noted that FanDuel receives 80% more revenue per $1 of market spend than second place DraftKings, giving them an even greater advantage.