Faraz Jaka Living the Dream in Sunday Poker Grind

25 Sep

Faraz Jaka has picked up a few nicknames during his illustrious poker career, “homeless millionaire” and “The Toilet” among them.

The latter moniker was a product of aiming for flushes with any two suited hole cards when he first started learning the game of poker. With nearly $7 million in live tournament cashes and plenty more in online action, it’s safe to say that those days are long behind him.

The other nickname came about from Faraz’s penchant for traveling – sometimes crashing on friends’ couches – and not actually having a place to call home.

According to Jaka’s social media account, he’ll be calling Panama City home for the next 30 days or so. The 37-year-old revealed that he plans on grinding online for a while, choosing Panama “to be in cave mode” while logging on to poker sites such as Americas Cardroom, GGPoker and PokerStars.

If you’ve ever wondered about the set-up and amenities that Jaka enjoys while playing poker online, look no further. Faraz revealed to his Twitter followers exactly what his Sunday poker grind looks like.

Playing a bunch of tables on three different sites, while still blessed with the multi-tasking ability “to do lobby’s/spreadsheet/research players on the other screen,” Jaka stated.

All while enjoying a massage during the grind. Now that’s living the dream.

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