Five Poker Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

13 Dec

As fans of poker, sometimes the content can become a bit repetitive. When watching your favorite online grinder on Twitch, watching a big poker series, or binging old poker content on YouTube isn’t cutting it, a movie might be exactly what you need. Here are the top five poker and gambling movies you can watch on Netflix.

Win It All

This 2017 film follows the story of Eddie Garrett, a gambling addict. Garrett works as a parking attendant at Wrigley Field, and on his way to work one morning a mysterious man offers him $10,000 to look over a strange duffel bag.

Garrett agrees, but, unwilling to resist the urge of knowing what was stored in the bag, he finds a large some of money and various other objects. Garrett tells his recovery counselor about the money in the bag and advises him not to touch anything in it.

He goes against the advice and gambles with $500 of the money. He wins his first gambling session, but quickly unravels spirals downward until he is in debt to the bag twenty-one thousand dollars. Garrett then scrambles to earn the money back.

The Ocean’s Trilogy

Although not strictly based on poker, this popular movies series involves elaborate casino heists. The first film, Ocean’s Eleven (2001) chronicles the plot of an experienced thief, Danny Ocean (George Clooney). Ocean’s plan involves a three-casino heist which he thinks will win his wife back.

Ocean compiles a team of ten thieves and criminals to eventually pull off the heist and steal $160 million.

In the second installment, Ocean’s Twelve (2004), the crew is contacted by the owner of the casino they stole from and is informed that they had two weeks to pay him back what they stole. The crew heads to Europe in an attempt to perform three more heists.

In the last installment, Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), a member of the Ocean’s crew is blackmailed by the owner of a new casino. Ocean and his crew decide to make the opening night of the casino a living nightmare.


Jack Manfred, an aspiring writer, realizes his writing career is not making him enough money. He decides to take a job as a croupier, or casino dealer. He quickly realizes he loves the lifestyle of the casino world and is drawn into the life.

Jack is eventually approached by a casino patron to be the inside-man of a robbery. Jack is offered $10,000 in advance and another $10,000 upon completion for simply pulling an alarm. As all this is happening, his relationship with his girlfriend is slowly unwinding.

James Bond Casino Royale

In this jam-packed thriller, James Bond must take out Le Chiffre, a banker who provides funds for terrorists to play high-stakes poker games. Bond initially takes out the operations of Le Chiffre’s, who organizes a high stakes poker game to win back some of those losses.

Bond’s organization enters him into the tournament in an attempt to drain Le Chiffre’s funds.

Molly’s Game

The film follows the life of Molly Bloom, an injured Olympic skier who planned to move to Los Angeles for a year before going to law school.

She meets Dean Keith, a real estate agent, and eventually finds herself running an underground poker game.

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