Flex Fantasy Turns to Xpoint for Geolocation Services

Geolocation tech supplier for the North American betting and gaming industry Xpoint announced another partnership with a daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator, Flex Fantasy.

Second DFS Partner

The partnership between Xpoint and Flex Fantasy saw the DFS operator go live with Xpoint Lite, the geolocation product provided by Xpoint that matches the geolocation and compliance needs of fantasy sports operators.

Commenting on the news, Marvin Sanderson, chief executive officer and co-founder of Xpoint was delighted to unveil to the public the company’s new partner, Flex Fantasy, outlining the extremely busy summer of 2022 for the team.

The team behind Flex brings fresh thinking and a great product to the DFS space, and we’re proud to have Xpoint Lite helping them go to market.

Marvin Sanderson, CEO, Xpoint

To differentiate its product offering in the DFS space, Flex Fantasy is offering its players to engage in as many contests as they want against other players without the need to pick a new daily fantasy line-up each week. The relatively new and simple-to-use platform also allows players to compete in separate leagues.

Happy to have Xpoint’s “tech embedded within” Flex Fantasy’s platform, the DFS operator’s chief executive officer and founder Joel Cettina emphasized the Xpoint team’s attitude toward Flex Fantasy as a true partner.

We have ambitious growth plans, and Xpoint will be able to scale up as we expand. We’re excited about our own future and pleased that Xpoint are playing such a key role in our ongoing development.

Joel Cettina, CEO, Flex Fantasy

Geolocation Services for DFS Operators

The go-to option for DFS operators across North American fantasy markets, Xpoint Lite is an easy-to-integrate Software Development Kit (SDK) embedded within partner platforms, both web- and mobile-based.

Besides providing DFS operators with geolocation technology to help them meet their regulatory and compliance requirements, Xpoint Lite also serves to gather geolocation data and support investment decisions for operators, offering insight into the true market potential.

The partnership with Flex Fantasy comes just days after Xpoint launched in the US its geolocation solution for DFS operators in partnership with BettorFantasy, the fantasy sports app available across 21 US states.