Founder of Abbiati Casino Equipment passes away

Founder of Abbiati Casino Equipment passes away

The Abbiati family announced on Wednesday the sudden death of Giovanni Abbiati, founder of the Italy-based gaming supplier Abbiati Casino Equipment.

He was 77 years old, and “passed away peacefully after a very short illness,” according to a statement released on Wednesday morning.

Founded in 1976, the company is privately owned by the Abbiati family and is based in Turin. It has provided professional articles for casinos for over 30 years, building up an international reputation and client base “with almost every county and city that offers legalized gaming,” according to the firm.

Abbiati Casino Equipment’s main business is manufacturing and supplying equipment used in live gaming, covering roulette wheels, tables, value chips, plaques and jetons, gaming layouts with full CAD design and technical services.

On behalf of our newsroom, we deeply regret this significant loss for the industry, and we offer our deepest condolences to the family and team members, led by his son, Giorgio Abbiati.