Friends and Family Honour Cricket Legend Shane Warne with a Poker Night

21 Jan

Shane Warne, the legendary Australian cricketer who passed away last year, was honoured by his friends and family in a unique way last week. They organised a poker night in Melbourne, at Warne’s former home in the upscale suburb of St Kilda. The event was attended by Warne’s son Jackson, who is also a keen poker player, along with friends Tony Hachem, Harvey Silver and Luke Tunnecliffe.

The poker night was a fitting tribute to Warne, who was known to be a huge fan of the game. In honor of Warne’s love for poker, the card tables were adorned with the number 23, which was also his lucky number.

A large photo of the late spin king was also displayed on the wall of the sports bar, adding to the atmosphere of the event.

Professional poker player Tony Hachem, who was one of the guests at the poker night, said that it was the perfect tribute to Shane. He said:

“It is fitting to have a poker room in that complex and playing on the number 23 table, it felt like Shane was in the room. It was a chance for us to get together and remember Shane and support Jackson. He loved his poker nights.”

Shane Warne’s Son Jackson Aims at a Poker Career

Last year, Shane’s son Jackson vowed to continue his late father’s legacy by winning big at poker games. In July, he reminisced about playing poker with his dad four years ago at the World Series of Poker and revealed that he would be competing at the 2022 tournament in Shane’s honour. He actually won $87,300 on the opening day of the series.
“Missing you so much and wish you were here playing with me. I’ll make you proud and get the [money emoji].” He has previously praised his father for introducing him to the world of poker.
“I’ve been playing poker since I was young and [Shane] taught me how to play because we’ve been on planes, you don’t have much room so you take a deck of cards and play.” The poker night was a fun and lively event that brought Warne’s friends and family together to remember and celebrate his life. It was a fitting tribute to the sportsman, who passed away at the age of 52 from a heart attack while on holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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