From CrownTok to Triple Crown: Sarah Cline Has ‘A Stake in Stardom’

From CrownTok to Triple Crown: Sarah Cline Has ‘A Stake in Stardom’

As part of America’s Best Racing and West Point Thoroughbreds’ “A Stake in Stardom” initiative, we’re offering brand ambassadors an ownership stake in some of the top racehorses competing in the 2022 racing circuit.

TikTok influencer Sarah Cline began working with America’s Best Racing in 2021 and is joining us again as a brand ambassador in this initiative. Sarah is a New York City-based musical theatre performer and one of the main faces of CrownTok, a niche TikTok group of individuals who collect crowns and empower one another to harness their “Queen Energy.”

As part of “A Stake in Stardom,” Sarah will be trading in her crown for the Triple Crown and taking us behind-the-scenes as Kentucky Derby hopeful Giant Game becomes a superstar. Fans can find Sarah Cline on TikTok and Instagram to follow along on her journey. 

Welcome to Thoroughbred racing. You are officially a co-owner in 3-year-old racehorse Giant Game, thanks to Terry Finley and West Point Thoroughbreds. What are you looking forward to most about being a racehorse owner? Thank you! I’m so excited to meet Giant Game and be able to see the elements of his care and life that have made him such a competitive athlete! I’m just as interested in his life off the track as I am about how he races. I have always loved horses, so to be a co-owner of one is absolutely a dream come true.

What interests you the most about Thoroughbred racing? I’m so interested in what makes a racehorse good? What attributes do trainers and jockeys look for in a horse that create a promising competitor? How are those attributes honed and cultivated through the horse’s life? So many questions about the care and relationships. I’m such a softie for these animals.

What excites you most about horse racing fashion? Oh man, everything! I love that horse races are places that people feel confident taking risks with their fashion: whether it’s a hat or a bright color or a big print. Something you maybe wouldn’t wear in your daily life. I am ALWAYS seeking out those opportunities, so I can’t wait to see how people take advantage and push outside their fashion comfort zones.

What fashion trends do you think will be popular at the racetracks this year? I definitely think we’ll see a lot of bright colors/neons. Maybe even some sparkle by way of beading or sequins. After two years of being stuck inside, the fashion trends outside of the track right now reflect bold choices and joyful, celebratory colors. I think people will be bringing that energy to the track as well, and maybe even feel more confident to do so there than elsewhere!

What fashion tips do you have for first-time race goers? Take a risk! You have nothing to lose. Wear the big hat, or the loud print. The racetrack is a safe place to push yourself because I guarantee someone else is wearing something just as out of the box. And if they aren’t, I will, so come find me!

You’ve made a name for yourself on TikTok as someone who loves crowns and celebrates every person’s innate Queen qualities. How do hats at the racetrack compare to wearing crowns from your extensive collection? Oh, it’s definitely the same kind of energy! As I’ve said, it’s all about feeling confident enough to wear what you want to wear. In my perfect world, we all feel that way in our daily lives, but just as people have come to take risks on the red carpet or at music festivals, they can feel safe to do so at a horse race. I wear crowns to the races from time to time; any head piece is acceptable in my book. Thoroughbred racing has DEEP roots in Britain and I think the Queen would approve. 🙂

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about the sport as you’ve become more involved? I don’t know about surprising, but I think it’s been really cool to meet and chat to women in the sport. It is still a male-dominated space, so I very much value the opinions and experiences of female jockeys and hope we see more of them in the future. My content on social media is dedicated to the power of women, so anytime we can raise female voices up, I’m here for it!

How does attending a horse race compare to other live events? I think horse races have the ability to be a fun daytime activity the same way as festivals or baseball games … but the food is way better, honestly! You can take it as seriously or not as you want (place a $5 bet or go big!) and no one will judge you for either approach. But I would love to see more people my age there, dressed up and ready to have a good time. That’s why I want to get the word out! People are missing out on the fun!

You have amassed a significant social media following. Is there someone who follows you that made you say, “Wow, I can’t believe this person is following me?” Margaret Cho, for sure! I was so excited the day she followed me!

What’s your philosophy when it comes to using social media? I started using social media for fun at the beginning of the pandemic. So I always try to remind myself to have fun with anything I create. If I’m not having fun, I feel like people can tell right away. And also I believe in connecting to people, first and foremost. I like to learn their stories and let them be reflected in my content. And lastly, I subscribe to the cardinal rule of content creation: don’t worry about vanity metrics (likes, views etc). Just create something consistent and those things will come. 🙂

Do you think your followers will be eager to join the horse racing community and become more involved in the sport? I think we’ll see! I hope to bring them along for the ride, and they will let me know how they feel about it, for sure. So far, they have been very invested in helping me craft the fashion looks for the races, from hat to shoe, so I’m hopeful that the #crownedcrew will be excited about the Triple Crown and all it entails!