Further Adjustments Are Made to Macau Junket Law Before Approval in December

The Second Standing Committee of the Macau Legislative Assembly is going to review the Legal Framework for Operating Games of Chance in Casinos, which has been duped by the new junket law of Macau, on November 21.

New Article Addition to Clarify What Junket Activities at Macau Casinos Entail

At their next meeting taking place on November 21, members of the Second Standing Committee of the Macau Legislative Assembly are going to discuss the latest version of the text of the so-called junket law, which has been proposed by the Macau government.

The latest version of the bill includes a new text regarding the liability that a casino license holder has in terms of its operations involving a partnership with a junket operator.

In the previous version, there was a problematic text, which states that a concessionaire is jointly and severally liable for the activities of its partner junket operator performed at the casino operated by the concessionaire. However, the text describing what “activity” actually means was very general and according to the Committee could be a reason for unclarities.

With the addition of the new article 62, the term “activity” is being explained in the following way: any deposits or chips, that the junket and its employees accept as part of their activities at the concessionaire’s casino, must be exchanged with the casino concessionaire with the transaction being duly recorded. The casino concessionaire is the subject of joint and several liabilities in connection with these activities in partnership with the junket.

It is important to note that it is compulsory that the chips or deposits are used for gambling and this must be proven by keeping diligent records of all transactions between the junket and the concessionaire.

It is expected that the final junket bill should be handed to the Legislative Assembly in the middle of December for it to be approved by the end of the month and before the extension of the casino concessionaire licenses scheduled for January 1, 2023.

A New limit to the Number of Licensed Junket Operators Is Going to Be Set

Further changes included in the so-called junket law are related to the number of junket licenses that will be available after the bill is passed.

The number will be determined on a yearly basis by the Finance Secretary. The Secretary is going to issue a special directive that will also include a limit on the number of junket operators each Macau casino license holder can sign a partnership with. The list of licensed junket operators will be made available online every year.

The number of licensed junket operators will depend on the number of junkets concessionaires will be able to sign a contract with. Out of the 46 junkets that are currently active in Macau only those, that secure a contract with a concessionaire will be allowed to continue their operations in the future.