Gamblers Drop Record 0M To Nevada Slot Machines In A Month

Gamblers Drop Record $900M To Nevada Slot Machines In A Month

The one-armed bandits took a record sum off gamblers in Nevada.

According to figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board released late last week, slot machines statewide won $901.1 million from players during the month of March.

The machines held 7.5% of all wagers in March, meaning that more than $12 billion was wagered.

According to a report from The Nevada Independent citing a source at the NGCB, the slot revenue was a Nevada record for a single month.

About $396 million of the statewide $901.1 million in slot win come from casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Those Strip casino slot machines were stingier in March relative to statewide, holding 8.55% of all the money bet on them.

Nevada doesn’t allow online casinos, so the slot revenue is all from in-person gambling.

The slot revenue was the big driver in another huge month overall for the Nevada casino industry. The NGCB said that nonrestricted gaming licensees reported a total gaming win of $1.355 billon for the month of March.

That was a 26.83% increase compared to March 2021, when licensees reported a gaming win of $1.068 billion. The $1.355 billion in March of this year brought the streak of billion-dollar months to 13. That’s never happened before in Nevada history.