Gambling News from Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland & North Carolina!

Gambling News from Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland & North Carolina!

This week’s gambling news finds states still pushing to get sports betting and online gambling passed this year! Plus, we’re in Las Vegas this week filming on The Strip and at the World Series of Poker!

On our gambling news show from May 24th I told you that there were 15 states without regulated sports betting, and how it was unlikely that any more states would pass sports betting legislation this year. And now, here comes Massachusetts trying to make a liar out of me! The state Senate has a bill they really like… and the state House has a bill that they really like… but the two are still pretty far apart. However, lawmakers there are going to get together… have a few beers… shoot some pool… and see if they can work out their differences in time to get a Massachusetts sports betting bill done this year! So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

Currently, the disagreements in Massachusetts revolve around betting on college games, tax rates, and just how many licensees they’re going to allow. All issues that could be easily resolved. However, let’s remember we’re talking about politicians here, so nothing is ever as easy or straightforward as it may appear. Meanwhile, sports betting is legal in the state of Ohio, but no one there has made a bet yet! Why? Well the legislation was passed last December, but players are still waiting for the damn thing to launch! No worries, however as the state Gambling Commission has finally set a firm launch date of January 1st… next year.

Meanwhile, the gambling news on Maryland sports betting finds the activity is also legal in that state… they’re just waiting for things to go mobile, which could be as soon as the kickoff of this year’s NFL season, if the governor gets his way. And sports betting is legal in North Carolina, where legislators have just two weeks left in this session to get a deal done to allow mobile sports betting… which they’re trying to do. If they’re successful, North Carolina will become the 20th state to allow online gambling. So, just when we thought it was going to be a quiet summer for sports betting, here come all these states trying to make a liar out of me. And you know what? I hope they do!

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And finally this week, remember I’ll be filming out on the Las Vegas Strip Tuesday and Wednesday… maybe even while you’re watching this gambling news video! So, if you’re in Las Vegas, come on down and find me! I’m easy to spot! I’m standing in front of Bally’s with the camera… wearing a really obnoxious jacket.