GamblingNews and Steven Salz of Rivalry Discuss the Future of Gaming (Podcast #12)

GamblingNews and Steven Salz of Rivalry Discuss the Future of Gaming (Podcast #12)

In Summary:

  • Rivalry is embracing a younger generation of gamblers to drive future growth
  • The company recently listed on the TSX in Canada
  • Steven Salz, the company’s co-founder and CEO, sees a whole new level of opportunity for online gaming

GamblingNews and Steven Salz, the co-founder and CEO of sports betting and sports media company Rivalry, had a chance to come together on a recent podcast. The Canada-based company is making serious inroads in the industry, bringing new levels of innovation to the gaming experience as the online segment continues to grow. Having recently launched on the Toronto Stock Exchange, a rarity among companies of this size, its entrance shows how successful Rivalry has become and how much interest there is for the products and services it develops.

Rivalry offers a variety of options for several markets within the larger gaming ecosystem. It is involved in eSports, sports betting and sports media, allowing it to remain flexible and develop solutions that meet the demands of the evolving gaming industry. Because of its high focus on technology and innovation, Rivalry is able to produce alternatives that are light years ahead of the competition.

The past year has been particularly beneficial to the company, as it has enjoyed significant growth in a number of markets. Despite being headquartered in Canada, its primary focus is other markets, where there is already a larger need for what Rivalry can offer. The company targets the new generation of gamblers, offering enticing alternatives that have proven to be appealing to a younger demographic. However, that is a huge bonus, as this segment will continue to be with Rivalry as it advances and innovates for years to come.