Games You’ll Love If You Enjoy Poker

Games You’ll Love If You Enjoy Poker

22 Oct

Poker is one of the most attractive card games to play. There are several reasons for this but the main reason is that it involves strategy and skill, unlike other games you can play in a casino. This also includes sweepstakes, for instance, and you can find free sweeps cash casinos online that may be more up your alley if you enjoy online casino games.

We’ll explore today the games you will likely enjoy if you’re an avid poker player. If you enjoy watching poker, you might also enjoy looking at our pro list.

This isn’t a comprehensive list and it is also subjective. We will try and capture a handful of engaging games, why we think they are comparable to poker and why you may enjoy them.


Plenty of casino games come and go, and you can find hundreds of slot machine games that will appear and die off quickly. Not many games have maintained blackjack’s popularity for so many decades.

It is still as popular as ever, and there are multiple ways to play it. Land-based casinos usually offer multiple tables, and online, you can play a virtual game or a game against other players with a live croupier.

The beauty of blackjack is that it is easy to play; you are dealt two cards, as is the dealer. If there are other players at the table, they also receive two cards. The goal is to have your cards totaling 21, and you can have a maximum of five cards drawn to you and choose to hit (take another card) or stick (stay with your current hand). It is also one of the shortest games you can play, as one hand does not take very long to complete.

If you’re on a losing streak, this isn’t positive. You must set bankroll and time limits to keep an eye on how much you are gambling and ensure you don’t run the risk of chasing losses and not having fun. Make sure you take the opportunity to speak to someone if you find yourself gambling more than you want to.

Blackjack is easier to learn and play than poker; whether you deem this as a positive or negative is completely your prerogative. However, if you enjoy poker, the chances are you’ll enjoy a couple of blackjack games to mix things up a bit in the casino.


Roulette works slightly differently from poker, and if you enjoy poker, you will likely enjoy the alternatives that a roulette game provides. Unlike poker, there are no successful strategies you can implement to play smart and put the odds more in your favor.

For this reason, we think you will enjoy it; you may not want to sit around playing card-based games and may want to try something different. Roulette offers the avenue of alternative gaming and can also be fun. You need to ensure you are not betting big when playing roulette, as even though you can win large amounts, you can just as easily lose your entire fund.

Slot machine games

Again, much like roulette, there aren’t many similarities between slot machine games and poker. However, they can sometimes provide respite from concentrating at a poker table. With slot machine games, there are usually hundreds of titles to choose from, with each one offering something different. While slot machine games pay out randomly, and there’s no guarantee as to whether or not they will pay out, all casino games are a game of chance and should not be seen as a source of income.

Despite the differences between poker and slot machine games, you can find slot machine games tailored to almost any other form of entertainment. An array of slot machine games focuses on cards and card-based games, including poker, and incorporate the two. In addition, you can find games based on all sorts of popular media, such as Game of Thrones.

We aren’t saying you’ll find the same level of strategy and engagement in a slot machine as you will in a game of poker. However, they offer other avenues of entertainment and allow your brain to relax, as the games are nowhere near as intensive as poker. It can be good to mix it up when in the casino, and this applies to any casino, be it land-based or online.

You don’t want to get bored playing the same games repeatedly, and ideally want to give yourself a variety of games you can enjoy. Therefore, these three games would be our pick if you’re a poker enthusiast interested in other types of casino-based gaming.

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