Genius Sports and Pixellot Extend Partnership for Streams and Data Integration

Genius Sports continues to rapidly expand its footprint in the world of sports – the latest being a partnership with Pixellot, a tech company that specializes in the distribution of sports broadcasts and is tasked with their production.

Pixellot’s Streams Important Part of Genius Offers

Thanks to this tie-up, Genius Sports will be able to now gain access to more than 100 sports events that are covered by Pixellot. The latter uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automate sports broadcasts and streams and makes it so that there is no need for manually handling those streams.

Thanks to Pixellot fans can never miss out on any part of the sports action. They are able to rewind and go back, dive into niche sports, and generally follow the sports action from beginning to end. Genius Sports will now be able to get that footage and data and send it back to sports leagues and other organizations that may be interested.

It’s possible that sportsbooks will get a chunk of the data in order to optimize their own experiences, analyze fresh markets and offer better overall options to sports bettors. Pixellot is also happy to land this data, which will be extended to relevant clients which in turn can drive better financial results.

Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with Pixellot and reiterated his company’s mission statement:

“Providing leagues of every level with a premium live streaming solution is a fundamental pillar of our work with sports partners.”

Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke

Building on an already existing partnership with Pixellot will allow the two companies to further advance their strategies. Genius Sports expects to reach new sponsors, partners, and collaborators.

Both Parties Set to Benefit from Further Partnership

Pixellot currently covers sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, ice hockey, basketball, and others, and further has access to over 100 competitions. Genius and Pixellot have previously collaborated on partnerships concerning the Croatian Basketball Federation, Israeli Basketball Association, and Argentine Football Association to name a few.

Pixellot CEO Alon Werber welcomed the partnership and said that the integration of live video and data with analysis options is making a significant impact on how consumers, fans, and athletes, as well as professional sports teams, consume sports.

“This exciting new partnership with Genius Sports brings additional monetization options that will create new long-term revenue streams for sports organizations,” Werber concluded.