Genius Sports launches fan engagement platform Genius Marketing Suite

Sports data and technology company Genius Sports has announced the launch of Genius Marketing Suite, described as an all-in-one holistic fan engagement platform for brands, sponsors, sportsbooks, leagues and teams. The engine has been specifically designed to address the challenges of reaching, engaging and monetizing fans, with data-driven marketing tools and personalized content.

The suite of products combines a sports-centric media buying service that provides marketing teams access to millions of fans worldwide, with a dynamic creative solution that makes it easy to design, automate and distribute personalized video and display adverts at scale. In addition, the platform features a full set of interactive digital engagement tools that help brands establish long-term relationships with fans.


The Genius Marketing Suite is a complementary set of data-driven solutions in a single product offering, incorporating:

  • Genius Media Buying, a uniquely sports-focused media buying service that helps advertisers find, convert and retain sports fans through highly targeted and efficient campaigns. 
  • Genius Creative, a one-stop-shop to create, automate and optimize video, display and CTV ads.
  • Genius Games, which provides made-to-measure gamification solutions, including fantasy, trivia and predictor games to engage fans and capture first-party data. 
  • Genius Data & Content, which provides interactive and immersive media tools including easily integrated widgets, rich data visualizations and sports data APIs. 

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, stated: “With the launch of the Genius Marketing Suite, we are integrating the acquisitions of FanHub and Spirable alongside our proven media buying solutions to better serve any brand looking to engage sports fans.”

“Our understanding of sports fans, and how and when to engage them, is unrivaled. As a leader in sports data, we can create authentic and real-time experiences at every step of the marketing funnel,” he added. “Whether you’re a sports team trying to sell more tickets, a clothing brand targeting NFL fans or a sportsbook looking for sign-ups, the Genius Marketing Suite has the answer.”