Ginge Poker Plays $109,000 Pot with Doug Polk

Ginge Poker Plays 9,000 Pot with Doug Polk

30 Jun

Ginge Poker hit the headlines last month when he announced his $1,000,000 in 90 days challenge. The GGPoker ambassador is on a tour of the United States playing in high-stakes games wherever he can find interesting action, vlogging his experiences along the way.

Played a HUGE pot vs @DougPolkVids at @LodgePokerClub!! The human side got the better of me here though…

— GingePoker (@GingePoker) June 5, 2022

$100/$200 NL Action

The hand in question took place at The Lodge poker room in Round Rock, Texas, just outside of Austin. Doug Polk took over the business earlier this year with fellow YouTubers Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen.

It has to be said that the club looks to be going from strength to strength. Polk is using his profile in the poker world to attract business with many new tournaments and high-stakes cash games producing some great live streams.

Just made my first poker hands episode in a long while, and it’s a good one

— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) June 10, 2022

The action kicks off in the $100/$200 game with a $400 straddle in the pot, then Polk raises it up to $1,000 with AsTs.

The action then folds around to Ginge who three-bets from the straddle to $4,000 with AcKc. Polk calls.

The flop comes down Js 7d 7s. Ginge leads out for $2,700 and Polk calls after pondering a raise with his nut flush draw.

The turn is the Jh, hitting Polk’s range much more than Ginge’s and so Ginge opts for a check/call, check/raise strategy. Polk bets $6,500 into a $13,700 pot.

Ginge now follows up with a raise to $16,000. Polk calls.

The river is the Qd and the pot is now $45,700.

Ginge reckons this is the best card to bluff on due to his blockers making the best decision a clear jam, but he just couldn’t find the courage to pull the trigger as he openly admits in his great video analysis, feeling nervous about punting off on the live stream. And so he checks.

Polk now jams leaving Ginge with a decision for his remaining $39,200.

Ginge explains how the same logic that made his river play a clear jam should now actually make this decision a clear call.

Sadly, once again he couldn’t find it in himself to get the chips in, even though his in-play thought process did alert him to what was probably the right thing to do.

Check out both players showing their own analysis in the videos below.

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