Governor Steve Sisolak: Job Growth in Nevada Remains Strong

Governor Steve Sisolak: Job Growth in Nevada Remains Strong

Undoubtedly, the last two years have been difficult for the gambling and hospitality industry globally. Nevada was no exception, but judging by the casinos’ gaming win for the last months, the gambling capital of the world is on the right track. In fact, October was the 8th consecutive month with casinos making billion-dollar winnings.

Job Growth in Nevada Continues

In a statement released earlier this week, Governor Steve Sisolak acknowledged that the state is on the right track. He explained that the job growth in the state remains strong in light of the upcoming 2022. Additionally, Governor Sisolak said that in November alone, the state added more than 2,600 jobs. According to the Governor, Nevada was among the top three states that have been hiring employees since May this year. He stressed that while there is still work to be done to reach pre-COVID-levels, the state has done “tremendous work so far.”

“We still have work to do to get our economy back to pre-COVID level but we’ve done tremendous work so far.”

Governor Steve Sisolak

Based on unemployment data, Nevada is on the right path. The state’s unemployment rate was 7.8 in June this year, while in November, it decreased to 6.8. In contrast, the unemployment rate in California was 7.6 this June, and it decreased to 6.9 in November, which is slightly below what Nevada achieved.

In another statement, Governor Sisolak reminded Nevadans that vaccines “provide powerful protection against severe cases of COVID-19, hospitalization, and death.” He urged residents to get vaccinated or to receive a booster vaccine as early as possible.

As we look toward 2022, Nevada’s job growth remains strong. In November the state added over 2,600 jobs. Nevada has been one of the top three states for hiring since May. We still have work to do to get our economy back to pre-COVID level but we’ve done tremendous work so far.

— Governor Sisolak (@GovSisolak) December 28, 2021

Positive COVID-19 Cases Increase

While decreasing unemployment sounds good, Nevada may be facing more difficulties this winter. According to Nevada Health Response, the 14-day moving average of confirmed cases is currently 704. During the summer, the number of average cases had decreased significantly but in the last few months, it has started growing gradually. Moreover, amid the winter surge of positive cases, there’s also the threat of the new COVID-variant Omicron.

Considering the severe impact of the pandemic on Nevada and the ongoing health situation, not everyone agrees with Governor Sisolak. Responding on Twitter, one user nicknamed Katherine D urged the Governor to end the mask mandate.

Another user totally disagreed with Governor Sisolak saying that “People getting their jobs back isn’t adding jobs.” The user nicknamed Buddy in Vegas added: “We have the second-worst unemployment in the nation. That’s what happens when you lock down a state for political purposes.”