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This post is syndicated by the Las Vegas Advisor for the 888 casino group. Anthony Curtis comments on the 888 article introduced and linked to on this page.

AC says: These are stories of big wins in blackjack, most by way of hitting some crazy side bet. When it comes to side bets, you hear about the big jackpots, but not the multitude of losses that make these bets so profitable for the house. They might be fun to play and there’s the allure of the big score, but blackjack side bets are often among the worst bets in the casino. Basic strategy: Don’t play them. LVA gets a name-check in this article. The author, Michael Kaplan, is working on a book for us tentatively titled The Advantage Players.

This article was written by Michael Kaplan in association with 888Casino.

Greatest Blackjack Wins

It’s one thing to go on a magnificent rush at the blackjack table, resulting in a six-figure score over the course of multiple hands. Don Johnson, the MIT team, and Rob Reitzen, they’ve all done it plenty of times.

But what about short-cutting gamblers who board the express train to fortune? Through some crazy side bets and card-running jiu-jitsu, they manage to take down six figure returns over the course of just a single hand. Yes, it often involves making some longshot bet that would cause the James Grosjean of the advantage play (AP) world to roll their eyes at and mutter, “Civilian…”

But lucky winners don’t sweat such derision. They simply head to the cage and negotiate mega cash-outs. Here are six of our favorite quick-hit champions.

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