Gunman Sprays Infamous Texas Cardroom in Shocking Attack

Gunman Sprays Infamous Texas Cardroom in Shocking Attack

14 Apr

Legends Poker Room came under fire this week, literally, as a gunman opened up with a 20-round burst that narrowly missed players at the popular but increasingly infamous cardroom in Houston, Texas.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night, when an unidentified assailant started shooting through the walls of the poker room from the street outside.

It is unclear what sparked the shooting, thought several reports mention that staff had asked someone acting suspiciously close to the cashier’s cage to leave just 15 minutes prior to the attack.

One witness told PokerNews:

“Luckily no one was hit. It is really a miracle as most of the bullet holes I saw were at sitting chest height. Once it was over, we all got up and checked no one was hurt.”

Photos shared on social media show players and staff ducking for cover and hiding under poker tables, as well as bullet holes pockmarking the walls.

Police arrived 30 minutes after the incident and more than 20 shell casings were found.

Despite the life-threatening shooting having just taken place, staff at Legends were reported to have told patrons “in an aggressive manner” not to take photographs, and similarly harshly attempting to get the games up-and-running again.

Legends Poker Room has already been in the headlines several times in recent months, with legendary poker pro Sammy Farha getting his ass kicked by a former dealer last December.

Farha, notoriously disliked by dealers and fellow players for his ignorant attitude, had apparently been involved in getting the dealer fired from the nearby 88 Social, formerly owned by Johnny Chan.

A GoFundMe set up to help the dealer, Amjad, known as AJ, with legal costs stated:

“If you ever had to deal to him [Farha] you know the badgering and harrassment Sammy has put every dealer through. We all know we have wanted to take matters into our own hands and finally someone did.”

In January of this year, a heroic security guard, Trelynn “Tek” Robinson foiled an armed robbery, the assailant armed with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Robinson tackled the armed robber to the ground, sustaining minor injuries when a dozen rounds were let loose as he and others disarmed the would-be robber.

Robinson told local ABC News affiliates afterwards:

“…he was asking me to give him the money, but instead I lunged towards him… fought him, wrestled him with the gun, it started to go off.”

They tried to rob a poker club called “Legends” today, but the security quickly tied up the offender. There were even shots, but no one was hurt.
The hero who saved the club is named Trelynn Robinson, he escaped with a dislocated shoulder and a couple of abrasions.

— Enzo (@Enzoevtv) February 7, 2022

Legends dealer Sean Benefiel setup a GoFundMe aimed to help Robinson with medical costs, writing:

“Tonight there was an attempted robbery in our room. The person responsible for the shooting was miraculously stopped by the actions of an incredibly brave man. Our security guard Trelynn “Tek” Robinson ran TOWARDS the guy firing an automatic weapon and wrestled with him, stopping him from opening fire on a room with more than 120 people in it. I was probably ten feet from where the bullets hit the wall. What Tek did was the bravest thing I have ever seen in my life. Without a doubt; this man saved my life, and the lives of every person who was in the room at the time.”

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