Hayward: ‘No Other Realistic Option’ Besides USADA To Enforce HISA – Horse Racing News

Hayward: ‘No Other Realistic Option’ Besides USADA To Enforce HISA – Horse Racing News

Longtime racing executive Charles Hayward published a commentary at thoroughbredracing.com on Tuesday, suggesting that the demise of negotiations between the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency could spell the end of horse racing in the United States.

“If the USADA/HISA business arrangement does not get done, I cannot imagine that horseracing and breeding has a future in the U.S.,” Hayward wrote. “While this is not a problem of anyone’s making on either side, the harsh reality is, if the two parties cannot find a clear path forward, there are no ‘other leading independent enforcement agencies’ that can properly fill the void.”

Citing the federal investigation that led to the high-profile arrests of trainers Jorge Navarro and Jason Servis, Hayward argued that the individual state racing organizations have proven they are unable to police the sport effectively.

In addition, Hayward argues that the USADA was poised to take a “broader role” than simply enforcement. He cited the USADA’s statement in it’s 2020 annual report: “USADA has been assigned the anti-doping responsibilities detailed in the [HISA] Act and will implement uniform rules through an independent model in service of clean competition and participant safety. Throughout 2021 and beyond, USADA and the relevant authorities will establish and manage a robust system that includes education, testing, results management and investigation.”

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