HCL Reg “Wes Side” Wesley Makes History with M Buy-in … in / Game

HCL Reg “Wes Side” Wesley Makes History with $1M Buy-in … in $5/$5 Game

05 Nov

While much of the poker world has been focused on whether or not cheating took place at Hustler Casino Live, perhaps some folks missed the happening on another HCL livestream in recent days that had historical significance.

HCL took to Twitter to announce the momentous occasion:

While buying in for $1 million in a $5/$5 + $100 BB ante game is good for a chuckle or two to some, others didn’t necessarily find the humor in it. Twitter trolls had plenty to say about Wesley Flan’s stunt, as you can imagine.

“Show off” and “attention seeking pretender” were some of the nicer words tossed in his direction. Yet others made note of the fact that none of poker’s “big boys” were playing in that particular game and that Wesley typically buys in for the minimum if Garrett Adelstein or other well-known crushers are seated at the table.

One commenter had an entirely different spin on the matter, praising Wesley for mixing it up:

“Wesley is keeping your game watchable! Only way to know what works for anyone’s game is to try different buy ins hi/lo and being unpredictable is working for Wes,” tweeted Lisa. For those that are unfamiliar with Wesley, he mentioned earlier this year on a PokerNews Podcast that he’s a relative newcomer to the game of poker. He made his fortune in crypto trading and Bitcoin mining, and is the founder of investment firm Infinite Decentralization Capital (IDC).

Wesley goes by the name of Dr. Hash on Twitter, where he has more than 40,000 followers. He often tweets about his up and down swings in poker, in addition to the often tumultuous world of crypto and stock investments, as the following tweet illustrates:

Despite that downturn, crypto has apparently been very, very good to Wesley. It has allowed him to jump into high stakes poker action without the benefit of the hours of playing experience that most players would likely have at that level.

And that’s perfectly okay! It’s his money and he can buy-in with whatever amount pleases him.

For those that look at buying in for $1 million in a $5/$5 + $100 BB ante game as ego stroking or attention-seeking, well, to each their own. But Wesley has become one of the more popular and colorful players on Hustler Casino Live.

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