High Stakes Pro Robbed of $30K at Doug Polk’s The Lodge Poker Club

High Stakes Pro Robbed of K at Doug Polk’s The Lodge Poker Club

03 Oct

Police are looking for three men who allegedly robbed a regular high stakes pro of $30,000 in the parking lot of The Lodge poker club on Friday, Sept. 23.

The Lodge, in Round Rock, Texas, is owned by popular YouTubers Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen. The Round Rock police are hot on the case, releasing a video of the three thugs believed to be responsible for the crime.

A poster on poker forum 2+2 identified the victim as Will Yoochan, who apparently was accosted while walking to his car in the club parking lot. The same poster also stated the amount taken by the thieves was $30,000.

The police never identified the victim, nor did they publish the amount of money stolen.

The robbery apparently occurred following a $25/$50/$100 live stream cash game at The Lodge. Below is a video of that game:

The topic of security at poker clubs in Texas, and The Lodge in particular, was covered rather extensively by Matt Berkey on his Only Friends podcast of Sept. 26.

Berkey made several good points on the the matter, including the fact that such incidents as the robbery at The Lodge are not highly publicized as it would deter players and tourists from patronizing card clubs. Check out the podcast below for more info:

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