Hippodrome Adopts SenSen Networks’ AI Solutions

Leading sensor AI enterprise SenSen Networks has agreed to provide London’s Hippodrome Casino with its state-of-the-art Sensor AI solutions. The agreement marks SenSen Networks’ first steps on the European market.

SenSen Provides the Hippodrome With Its Solutions

SenSen’s real-time artificial intelligence tech is made to detect and recognize gaming table bets and then filter important information about the game, such as how many people are playing, how much they are betting a and how the game is going as a whole. The data collected has various applications and helps to improve the overall experience of the venue visitors.

The new solutions are expected to be installed in time for ICE London – an event that will run between February 1 and 3 next year. During the three years that the deal covers, it is expected to generate upfront and recurring revenues estimated at about $430,000.

The Hippodrome Chose SenSen After Careful Evaluation

Simon Thomas, the chief executive officer of the Hippodrome casino, spoke about penning a contract with SenSen. He revealed that he is thrilled to be introducing the AI enterprise’s critically-acclaimed AI solutions into the venue.

Thomas revealed that the Hippodrome was highly selective and monitored technological advances in bet recognition and game analytics for quite some time, before finally settling for SenSen. He pointed out that the casino was “pleased with the accuracy, ease of installation and level of service from SenSen.”

Thomas concluded that he is proud to have the Hippodrome as the first European venue launching SenGame.

Thomas’ venue, the Hippodrome, is a five-floor casino with a large variety of various gaming offerings. It is most notably known to have London’s biggest poker floor. Last year, at one of the peaks of the COVID-19 crisis, just two months after the London casinos had resumed work, the Hippodrome was among the venues which opposed London’s proposed 10 pm curfew.

SenSen’s CEO is Thrilled to Explore the EU Market

SenSen’s chief executive officer, Subhash Challa, spoke about the new deal and SenSen’s foray into the European market. As this is the company’s first casino contract in the United Kingdom, it provides further opportunities for SenSen. Challa said that SenSen intends to continue pushing on the key UK market and seek further expansion within Europe’s more than 1,000 casinos which collectively host over 30,000 tables.

Challa added that SenSen is currently exploring several new markets across the globe with its AI solutions. As the COVID-19 restrictions ease up, the chief executive is assured that many of its trials will move to production roll-outs in 2022.