Hofstra Opposes Nassau Coliseum Site Casino Project

Hofstra University wrote an open letter concerning the proposed construction of a Las Vegas Sands casino resort at the Nassau Coliseum site in New York. The university highlighted the educational significance of the area and said that it opposes the project because of its proximity to numerous learning institutions.

Hofstra Highlighted Its Activity in the Area

“We, Trustees of Hofstra University, oppose Las Vegas Sands Corporation’s proposal to build a casino in the area surrounding the Nassau Coliseum on Hempstead Turnpike in Nassau County, Long Island,” the letter begins.

Hofstra noted that it has occupied its current site for almost nine decades and has grown from a liberal arts college to a big university with thousands of students. It employs around 2,500 people and is a major economic driver for the town, country and state, the letter says.

Hofstra added that it is а nationally recognized arboretum and the only university to have hosted three US presidential debates in a row. The university also spoke about its community-oriented programs and activities in detail.

Hofstra students compromise around a quarter of the 40,000 students in the proximity of the Nassau Hub.

The University Opposes the Casino

According to Hofstra, the Nassau Hub is not an appropriate location for a casino because of its proximity to various schools and universities. It added that there are local communities that should not be exposed to the increased risks that gambling may attract.

The Nassau Hub is an entirely inappropriate location for a casino. It is surrounded by educational institutions from preschool through graduate school, and a diversity of suburban communities that should not be exposed to the increased traffic congestion, crime, economic harm to local businesses, and other negative impacts that a casino development would likely bring.

Hofstra open letter excerpt

The Hofstra trustees believe that there are many locations in and around New York City that are not so close to learning institutions and would be better sites for a future casino.

The university is not the first entity to oppose the casino as locals remain divided on the topic. Garden City leaders, for example, took a formal stance against the construction of a casino at the Nassau Coliseum site.

New York’s Governor, David Paterson, on the other hand, believes that people’s concerns are overblown. According to him, few account for the fact that the proposed property would be a casino and hospitality venue that will not be entirely focused on gambling.