Huge Parlay Winnings in Recent Times

Most recent big parlay wins

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All sports bettors know about the parlay. Its kind of like the lotto ticket of sports betting. The more teams you string together as a single bet, the more money you win. This is because the odds of every winning every game lengthen dramatically with each “leg” that you add.

We have all placed the two or three team parlay on the games we felt real good about. Many of us have even filled out the 10 parlay slip and threw five bucks at it, much like the lotto scenario I mentioned earlier. But as more and more people get into the sports betting game, the parlay shots that get taken increase.

Recently there have been a string of high-profile big ticket wins. And make no mistake, the sportsbooks don’t mind disclosing this information. Its free press and it brings in more business.

Below is a list and summary of the highest profile parlay wins in recent times.

14 NFL Games Wins $100,000

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In early 2019 a bettor at Hollywood Sportsbook and Casino in Charlestown, West Virginia plunked down five bucks on a 15-teamer. The parlay consisted of 14 sides and a total, hence why there were only 14 games bet.

You can see a copy of his ticket here. It consisted of 8 favorites, 6 underdogs and an over. It was in the last week of the 2018 season. A cool hundred grand is a nice way to celebrate the New Year.


Bettor Turns 50 Bucks into $1M

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Not even a month ago, a player in Virginia put 50 bucks on a 15 leg parlay that paid out more than a million bucks, $1,133,530.50 to be exact.

The final leg came down to the Ravens winning the moneyline with none other than backup QB Tyler Hunley in for Baltimore. I would have been looking to hedge the shit out of this one if I were him.

But alas, the man won a million bucks from BetMGM sportsbook. You can click the ticket to see the details. The picks were a mix of sports and spreads as well as moneylines. Cheers to that guy. May he invest in Bitcoin and be rich the rest of his life.

$50 Bettor Nets Almost Half a Mill

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Just this past weekend, a man put $50 on a 14-leg parlay to win $454,563. The location again was in the state of Virginia. Apparently, people living in the Commonwealth know their sports betting.

The bet was plunked down using Caesar’s sportsbook app. It consisted of all NFL spreads and moneylines. This ticket won on a weekend where favorites dominated, something sportsbooks really hate. Favorites went 11-3 straight up and 10-4 against the spread.

Feeling lucky? There are a full slate of games this weekend and you can take a shot yourself. Peruse our list of sportsbooks, their ratings and news about them to help choose the right fit for you.