Hustler Cash Game Stream Labeled a “Clown Show” After Armenian Mike’s Wild Antics

Hustler Cash Game Stream Labeled a “Clown Show” After Armenian Mike’s Wild Antics

20 Nov

In a recent Hustler Live cash game, Armenian Mike made a play that some players at the table questioned. This isn’t something new, however, and given his repeated offenses, it seems like Mike will continue to make these controversial plays.

“I Got Set”

Hustler Live was hosting a $25/$50 cash game with all the familiar faces like Garrett Adelstein and Israeli Ron. The hand started out normal; Mike woke up with QQ in early position, got three-bet by RB’s AA from the cutoff, and Mike made the call.

Right before the flop, RB briefly said, “I have a big hand,” and Armenian Mike responded saying, “I got big pair.” When the flop came Q32, Mike immediately declared that he had a set. “I got the set,” he said as the flop was spread.

“I got the set,” Mike said again as he flipped his hand over before the turn came. The two checked it down and Mike won a measly $925 compared to what he could have made from this cooler.

One of the commentators expressed his disgust with the play as he said, “Boo. This is a clown show.” According to Mike, he didn’t want to take RB’s money which is why he flipped over his hand.

It isn’t clear who it was, but somebody declared that they weren’t allowed to do something like that during the game. That made Mike furious.

“Who’s f***ing problem is it? Whoever wants to do [something] we can do it. F*** everybody.” RB wasn’t as mad since it’s pretty likely all the chips would’ve gone in the middle had Mike not shown his hand to him.

Some Redditors expressed their disapproval of the play calling it collusion, while others took a totally different stance saying players like Mike are why these bigger games run. Whatever the case is, Mike is no stranger to plays like this.

Repeat Offender

In 2018, Armenian Mike committed one of the slimiest angle-shoots caught on camera. With nothing but a busted straight draw on the river, Mike shoved his nearly $10,000 stack into a $900 pot right into host Ryan Feldman’s full house.

When Feldman snap-called, Mike instantly pulled his chips back and declared he was joking. The floor was called and it was declared that the decision to take Mike’s chips or not rested with Feldman.

After a nearly ten minute debate between the floor and the players, Mike eventually left his stack with Feldman. As a result of the fiasco, Mike was banned from the Live At The Bike as well as the Aria Casino.

Here is video of the worst angle I’ve ever seen last night on @LiveAtTheBike

Ryan checks, Mike bets 10k on river, gets SNAP CALLED and says it is a JOKE. Floor rules that Ryan gets to decide what to do and Mike cries for 10 mins.

I’ll be uploading a YT video on it later.

— Joey Ingram 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 (@Joeingram1) June 9, 2018

If Armenian Mike is notorious for making plays that are bad for both the game and the live stream, why does Ryan Feldman allow him to play on his games? Although some consider Armenian Mike a whale who gives action, there comes a point when it isn’t worth it for the viewers. What do you think?

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