Iaromachikne Wins Big as The Festival Online Main Event Approaches

Iaromachikne Wins Big as The Festival Online Main Event Approaches

The Festival Online is almost done and dusted at 888poker with only three tournaments remaining on the schedule. One player who you may see in all three of those events is Brazil’s “Iaromachikne” who definitely has the bankroll for them after winning the Texas 8-Max event.

Iaromachikne came out on top of a 1,048-strong field in the $109 buy-in tournament, and saw an impressive $16,223 make its way to their account. Here is how the final table went down.

The Festival Online – Texas 8-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Iaromachikne Brazil $16,223
2 MIKEPOSTLE Ireland $11,831
3 GediminasDir Lithuania $8,698
4 grantymore94 United Kingdom $6,445
5 jonatas920 Brazil $4,768
6 Bernado807 Brazil $3,563
7 xadp05 Denamark $2,682
8 Iamedos United Kingdom $2,033

The United Kingdom’s “Iamedos” was the first of the eight finalists to bust’ they collected $2,033 for their $109 investment. Denmark’s “xadp05” joined the list of busted players half hour later when Iaromachikne min-raised under the gun, and xadp05 three-bet all-in with ace-queen for a shade over 10 big blinds. “grantymore94” cold called in the cutoff with pocket jacks, and the original raiser folded. Grantymore94 flopped a set, and xadp05 crashed out in seventh for $2,682.

Two Brazilian players were the next casualties. First, “Bernado807” got their last 11 big blinds into the middle preflop with suited ace-five and ran into the pocket jacks of “GediminasDir,” then “jonatas920” got the last of their 8.2 big blinds into the pot with suited nine-five after flopping a five, only to lose to Iaromachikne’s pocket sixes. The Brazilian duo padded their bankrolls with $3,563 and $4,768, respectively.

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The final four became three when grantymore94 made an ill-timed move. Iaromachikne min-raised on the button with what turned out to be ace-nine, and grantymore94 three-bet all-in for 12.3 big blinds from the big blind with six-five of diamonds. Iaromachikne called, flopped a nine and hit trips on the river to end grantymore94’s tournament in fourth-place, a finish worth $6,445.

The tournament progressed to heads-up when GediminasDir fell in third for $8,698. Iaromachikne raised three times the big blind before calling when GediminasDir three-bet all-in for a little under 25.5 big blinds. GediminasDir showed pocket sixes, which the pocket nines of Iaromachikne had crushed. An ace-high board kept the nines as the best hand, and GediminasDir was gone.

Iaromachikne held a colossal 12-to-1 chip lead over “MIKEPOSTLE” at the start of heads-up play, and it did not take long for the tournament to draw to a close. The final hand saw MIKEPOSTLE all-in for their last seven big blinds with queen-six and needing a lot of help against the dominating ace-queen. No help arrived, sending MIKEPOSTLE to the rail in second place with an $11,831 score in tow, leaving Iaromachikne to get their hands on $16,223 and the title of champion.

Elsewhere, the United Kingdom’s “danielabe” won the $88 buy-in PKO 8-Max for $3,198 in total, while Ukraine’s “GaGaRa888” took down the $33 PLO Turbo and added $513 to their 888poker account balance.

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$150,000 Guaranteed Main Event Shuffles Up And Deals on July 31

The Festival Online wraps up this weekend with the $215 buy-on $150,000 guaranteed Main Event shuffling up and dealing at 7:00 p.m. BST on July 31. It is fair to say the structure of The Festival Online Main Event is fantastic, with players sitting down behind 30,000 chips, or 500 big blinds! Blinds start at 30/60/7a, and increase every 12 minutes.

Day 1 concludes when only nine players remain in contention for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool, and those nine hopefuls return to their seats on August 1 under the watchful eyes of the 888poker Twitch team.

Only two other The Festival Online event remain after the Main Event: the $525 Texas High Roller Finale with its $50,000 guarantee, and the $109 buy-in Afterparty, which guarantees $15,000.