IGT and Rhode Island Lottery Sign 20-Year Contract Extension

Supplier of lottery and gambling technology International Game Technology (IGT) announced today a new contract extension with the Rhode Island Lottery that would keep IGT as the exclusive supplier of products to the Lottery.

Long-Term Partnership to Continue

The new comprehensive 20-year contract extension between IGT’s subsidiary IGT Global Solutions Corporation and the Rhode Island Lottery affirmed the company as the exclusive supplier of lottery, iLottery, instant ticket, and video lottery solutions and services through June 30, 2043.

“The Rhode Island Lottery has partnered with IGT since the early days of both businesses and has benefitted from piloting numerous IGT innovations over the years, including exciting iLottery solutions and sophisticated new ways of ticket printing that are now part of our growing portfolio.”

Mark Furcolo, Director, Rhode Island Lottery

As part of the new contract extension, IGT agreed to certain economic development initiatives such as maintaining 1,100 lucrative jobs in the state and a minimum Rhode Island payroll commencing with 2022. IGT will also pay $13.5 million to the state in each of 2023 and 2024 and invest $155 million in the state over the term of the contract.

“This extension signifies an impressive milestone, and we look forward to continued success and implementation of the most advanced lottery systems and solutions for many years to come,” concluded Furcolo.

Rooted in the State

The Rhode Island Lottery was authorized to sign the contract extension following legislation passed by the Rhode Island General Assembly in May and signed into law by Governor Dan McKee in June last year.

IGT chief operating officer  for Global Lottery Jay Gendron emphasized the roots IGT has in Rhode Island as being one of the state’s “most successful high-tech startups” and the Lottery being its “very first customer.”

“IGT’s good jobs and great people are the foundation of our success and one of the reasons why we have been able to support the Lottery in its continued evolution throughout our decades-long partnership.”

Jay Gendron, COO, Global Lottery, IGT

Product and System Enhancements

Under the new contract that keeps the supplier’s exclusivity to print and supply instant tickets to the Lottery, IGT also will replace the Lottery’s draw-based central system with its performance-driving Aurora product, as well as all related lottery terminals and other equipment: once by the end of 2022 and one more time in 2023 to implement its latest technology.

Earlier in the month, IGT’s Canadian subsidiary signed a contract extension with the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation to continue to provide video lottery terminal solutions.

Next year, IGT will also implement a suite of powerful analytics to upgrade the Lottery’s iLottery system and provide players with access to a user-friendly portal or mobile solution, including a content-rich library. The iLottery system itself will be replaced with the latest IGT technology solution in 2034.

In 2025, IGT will replace the Rhode Island Lottery’s video lottery central system that connects all the video terminals of the Lottery at the two casinos it operates to bring further reliability and security to the system. The video lottery central system will be replaced again in 2035. Commencing January 1, 2023, IGT will become the exclusive supplier of video lottery terminals to the Lottery through a joint venture with Bally’s Corporation.

“Over the next 20 years, we are committed to delivering unrivaled gaming experiences that engage players and drive maximum growth for Rhode Island’s third-largest revenue stream,” added Gendron.