IGT Reveals Strategic Board Leadership and Executive Changes

IGT Reveals Strategic Board Leadership and Executive Changes

Leading gambling technology supplier, International Gaming Technology (IGT), announced key changes to its Board leadership and executive ranks on Thursday this week.

IGT Announces Structural Changes to Its Management Team

Marco Sala, IGT’s current CEO, will remain a part of the company but serve as an executive chair of the Board. The position of CEO will be filled by Vincent Sadusky. Moreover, Sadusky will serve as an executive director of the Board. While Lorenzo Pellicioli will retire as chairperson of the IGT Board of Directors, he will remain with the company as a non-executive director. According to IGT, those changes will be in effect from January 24, 2022.

Additionally, IGT’s Board of directors picked Ashley Hunter and Maria Pinelli to serve as non-executive directors of the Board. Hunter is also going to serve as a part of the company’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. On the other hand, Pinelli is going to fill in Sadusky’s position as a chair of IGT’s Audit Committee. Those changes are effective starting from January 14, 2022.

Besides those key changes, B&D Holding S.p.A., which is the controlling shareholder of De Agostini S.p.A. revealed that Marco Sala is going to be proposed to serve as De Agostini’s new CEO. The proposal is expected to happen during a corporate bodies meeting set for June 2022, while Sala is expected to succeed Lorenzo Pellicioli, who is going to retire from the position.

The Changes Bring Excitement, IGT Continues to Grow

In a statement, Sala acknowledged that he is looking forward to taking the new role and teaming up with Sadusky to help lead IGT forward. Moreover, he acknowledged that he has worked together with Sadusky “extensively over the years.” According to Sala, his collaboration with Sadusky will ultimately bring benefits for the company’s stakeholders.

“In particular, Vince’s vast experience with portfolio companies and capital markets will be valuable as we look to execute on our strategy.”

Marco Sala, CEO at IGT

Sadusky added that he is excited to join the company as its new CEO. He predicted that IGT is well-positioned for the future and acknowledged that the company’s executive team is very talented and seasoned. In conclusion, Sadusky said that by spearheading IGT, he sees a great opportunity to support the company to its next level of growth.

“IGT is well-positioned for the future, and I am very excited to join the Company as its next CEO.”

Vincent Sadusky

Last but not least, Pellicioli acknowledged that IGT is delighted to have Pinelli and Hunter join the company’s Board. He explained that they both bring significant professional experience which will undoubtedly help the Board. In conclusion, Pellicioli said that IGT is “looking forward to their contributions.”