Illegal Gambling Operation Busted in Bangkok – 14 Arrested

Illegal Gambling Operation Busted in Bangkok – 14 Arrested

23 Dec

The Royal Thai Police have busted an illegal gambling operation in Bangkok, arresting 14 people in a raid on a property in the Tha Kham sub-district of Bangkok.

Police said they confiscated 14 computers and 15 smartphones and later discovered around 200 million Thai baht in the gang’s bank accounts.

Incredibly, those arrested were accused of hacking into government computers and accessing State agency Facebook accounts where they posted gambling advertisements that linked to the illegal operation. How this was achieved is not known and also thought to be a possible false accusation.

More than 50 agency Facebook pages were hacked to take advantage of the recent FIFA World Cup and surge in gambling.

Pol Maj-Gen Nithithorn Chintakanon, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said that the gang remains in prison on charges of operating an illegal gambling operation without a license.

This latest raid is one of many in recent months. Bangkok and neighbouring provinces appear to have turned into a hub for this type of operation. Why criminals would choose this region is unknown but rumours persist that with the right contacts business can run smoothly without hindrance.

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