Indigo Sky Casino Rolls Out Cashless Solutions from IGT

International Game Technology (IGT), a global gaming company, announced that it expanded the reach of its cashless solutions on Thursday.

IGT Introduces Cashless Solutions for Indigo Sky Casino

The company revealed that it joined forces with Indigo Sky Casino located in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Under the terms of the new collaboration, IGT rolled out its award-winning cashless technology solutions Resort Wallet and IGTPay for the venue. Visitors of Indigo Sky Casino can now download its Indigo Sky & Outpost Casinos application available for both Android and iOS and create their SKYWallet account. SKYWallet is PIN-protected and grants users the unique option to enjoy cashless payments to and from slot machines. What’s more, SKYWallet offers funding via different sources such as credit cards, debit cards or ACH accounts.

“Partnering with IGT to introduce cashless gaming via Resort Wallet and IGTPay has been one of the most transformative casino floor technology deployments that Indigo Sky Casino has completed in several years.“

Melanie Heskett, general manager at Indigo Sky Casino

Melanie Heskett, Indigo Sky Casino’s general manager, acknowledged that it is exciting to introduce IGT’s leading technology to the casino floor. She added that the deal is transformative for Indigo’s casino floor. Heskett pointed out that the new technology boosted slot play while at the same time increased the number of downloads of the casino’s mobile app. According to her, the cashless technology and convenience of the app are well received by the guests of the venue.

Cashless Technology Helps Operators to Grow

Ryan Reddy, IGT’s SVP of global systems, payments, VLT and video poker, added that it is delighting to see the launch of IGT’s leading technology for Indigo Sky Casino customers. He said that thanks to the recent deal, visitors now enjoy the convenience of IGT’s IGTPay and Resort Wallet solutions. Reddy revealed that the demand for convenient digital solutions is continuously growing.

“It’s outstanding to see Indigo Sky Casino and its players reaping the many benefits of cashless gaming via IGT’s Resort Wallet and IGTPay.“

Ryan Reddy, SVP of global systems, payments, VLT and video poker at IGT

This is why, according to him, IGT remains focused on providing innovative solutions that help operators such as Indigo Sky Casino offer convenient options for their customers. Last but not least, Reddy pointed out that cashless solutions help transform the gaming environment and elevate the guest experience.