Interactive Gaming Group Joins Forces with Team Singularity

Interactive Gaming Group Joins Forces with Team Singularity

Digital entertainment and online media company Interactive Gaming Group has inked a strategic partnership with Team Singularity – a professional Danish esports organization. The move is a part of IGG’s vision to expand on the esports market. 

IGG and Team Singularity Enter a Partnership

IGG is a big gaming brand that currently has more than 1,000 iGaming content creators on streaming platforms such as Twitch. The company even launched its own proprietary platform, WinParty, just a few months ago.

Team Singularity, on the other hand, is an esports organization that fields numerous rosters across varied esports titles. The professional gaming firm has over 100 players under its banner and has a presence in 30 different countries. 

Thanks to Team Singularity’s wide reach, IGG will have an opportunity to explore the large esports market and make its name known among fans of competitive gaming. 

IGG Wants to Inspire the World to Play

Team Singularity welcomes IGG as a partner. The organization’s founder and chief executive officer, Atle S. Stehouwer, shared that the team is happy to join forces with IGG. He noted that he is excited by the idea of the two parties’ talented people teaming up. 

When talking about IGG, Stehouwer said that the company’s impressive track record speaks volumes. Because of this, Team Singularity is sure that the partnership will boost fan engagement and will grow its revenue stream. 

IGG is just as delighted by the deal. As noted by Cristina Niculae, the chief executive officer of the company, Team Singularity, Team Singularity is a great gateway to the broad world of esports because of its numerous players, teams, and titles played.

Niculae added that the IGG team believes in the importance of community building. Team Singularity is an organization that greatly reflects those values as it capably engages fans of its teams through esports competition and quality video game content. 

“This partnership is one step forward towards our vision to inspire the world to play and bring great interactive entertainment to people around the globe.”

IGG is a company that realizes how hard it can be to market to younger audiences. Since a large portion of the youth is internet-literate, many people tend to install adblocking software. IGG’s solution to that is to market to fans of video gaming by building confidence through streaming. 

The company describes itself as a one-stop-shop to discover and connect with the most popular iGaming streamers and promote one’s brand through live content.