Internet Vikings expands US footprint through iGaming hosting operations launch in Iowa

Internet Vikings expands US footprint through iGaming hosting operations launch in Iowa

Swedish iGaming hosting solutions provider Internet Vikings announced it has officially launched its operations in the state of Iowa, continuing its expansion across the US. 

The company now provides its services in a growing number of North America’s iGaming compliant regions, with data centers in West Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Ohio; as well as Ontario, in Canada. 

In a press release, Victor Jerlin, Founder and CTO at Internet Vikings, stated: “As each of the US states come to recognize the massive economic benefits of a well-regulated online gaming market, our goal is to stay ahead and help businesses of all sizes to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity. Getting started in Iowa is another step towards moving the industry and our customers upward and onward.” 

The company describes the land-based gambling scene in Iowa as having expanded over the last few decades. And although the state is still in the process of regulating other forms of iGaming, the online sports betting market has seen notable growth since its legalization in 2019.

Kicking off its operations in the state, Internet Vikings notes it will provide its hosting services to all interested businesses, regardless of the size. Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO of Internet Vikings, added: “Our primary goal is to provide the support which others require in order to keep moving in this often-unpredictable industry”.

The US is our focal point, and with many customers in other compliant states, we are proud to have taken our next step in America. Iowa is showing great promise, and we are now on the ground with all that is required to get set up with confidence and a secure partner,” Vikström concluded.

Internet Vikings first entered the U.S. market last year. According to a press statement, the company is “working steadily” in order to start off its operations “in all compliant states over the coming weeks and months.”