Is Betting on Virtual Horse Racing on the Rise?

Virtual horse racing is currently experiencing a huge surge in popularity and interest within the iGaming industry as players have looked at alternatives to help further enhance their virtual sports betting experiences.

Indeed, many will suggest that there is no better thing than being able to watch physical horses compete against each other in some of the most iconic racing events to take place around the world, however being able to bet on them virtually might come a close second.

What is virtual horse racing?

Simply put, virtual horse racing is where players place a bet on action that has been generated by a computer algorithm. Indeed, these races are becoming extremely popular as they do not require any real-life events to happen, as they can happen at any time and continually, while each different type of race that can be completed can also be wagered on, thus allowing players to bet whenever they want and not be limited to physical meets.

It is worth noting that in the U.S. virtual horse racing is not actually a sports betting event, but rather is available via the use of an online casino. Players will be able to find options available to them via this list of casino apps available in New Jersey where online wagering has been made legal.

Why have they become popular?

There are a variety of reasons that will help to highlight exactly why virtual horse racing has become an extremely popular betting market for so many, with many of them perhaps rather obvious.

For example, many will have looked for an alternative when the pandemic saw a number of horse racetracks be closed. While they have almost all since reopened, many will have continued to use the virtual form as a way to continue to enhance their experiences and enjoy their passion further.

Another element that may have made virtual horse racing popular is that it is accessible all the time and is not impacted by external factors that physical meets may have issues with, such as weather. As it is virtual, these events are practically guaranteed to go ahead while they can happen regularly, therefore allowing bettors to place more wagers in the same time period.

The form of a horse is something that many would normally take into account in a physical race, however this is not something that will not necessarily apply when betting on virtual races. With this in mind, it can make racing a little more exciting as it becomes slightly more unpredictable, while also presenting an opportunity for those unfamiliar with betting on horse racing with a chance to experience it in an easier way.


Admittedly, many of the advantages that virtual horse racing brings compared with traditional horse racing have been mentioned above, however these should just help to highlight why this particular betting market has become as popular as it has.