Jermaine Reid Wins 2021 World Series of Poker $1,500 Stud Eight-or-Better Event

Jermaine Reid Wins 2021 World Series of Poker ,500 Stud Eight-or-Better Event

Jermaine Reid held the chip lead at one point early in the final table of the 2021 World Series of Poker $1,500 stud eight-or-better event, but found himself on the brink of elimination during four-handed play. Reid was so short that he told PokerNews live reporters that he had texted his girlfriend saying that he was likely heading home soon. Reid was able to turn it around and battle his way back into contention and eventually came all the way back to secure the title for his first WSOP bracelet and the top prize of $113,459.

This was by far the largest tournament score of Reid’s career, as the New York native largely focuses on playing cash games in Atlantic City. In addition to the title and the money, he also earned 600 Card Player Player of the Year points for the win.

Reid entered the final day of this event in seventh place among the remaining 13 players, five of whom were already bracelet winners including four-time WSOP champion John Monnette. Reid was still in seventh position by the time the unofficial final table of nine was set. He added to his stack by knocking out Joe Ranciato in ninth place ($7,900). Bracelet winner and 2010 main event runner-up John Racener was the next to fall, being scooped by the low two pair of fellow bracelet winner Espen Sandvik to finish eighth for $10,095.

Despite scoring that knockout, Sandvik followed Racener to the rail (7th – $13,202). Bracelet winner Carol Fuchs was scooped by the 7-4 low and pair of queens of Peder Berge in her final hand. The 2015 $1,500 dealer’s choice champion earned $17,658 for her latest deep run at the series.

Esther Taylor lost the majority of her stack in a hand that ended in controversy. Her final card was flipped up accidentally, with the 3Heart Suit being revealed after the card was pitched into her chip stack. Her opponent, John Monnette, reportedly argued that the rules would state that the card, the 3Heart Suit, should be shuffled back into the deck. The floorperson agreed and ruled as such. Taylor ended up with a pair of sevens and a missed low draw, which was scooped by the two pair of Monnette. She finished fifth shortly after that, earning $24,145.

John MonnetteMonnette later lost a huge pot to the ace-high flush of Berge, having apparently started the hand with rolled up sixes. He soon was all-in and was unable to beat the aces up of Berge. Monnette, who won his fourth bracelet earlier this year in the $10,000 limit hold’em championship, earned $33,734 for his latest final-table showing at the series.

Berge held the lead for much of three-handed action, but Reid fought his way to the top just before the field was narrowed to two. John Hoang’s run in this event came to an end when his rolled-up fours were beaten by a rivered full house for Berge. Hoang earned $48,138 as the third-place finisher.

With that Berge took 5,100,000into heads-up play with Reid, who sat with 4,200,000. The two battled it out for another hour and a half, with some lead changes along the way. By the time the final hand was dealt, Reid had more than a 5:1 chip advantage. The last hand saw Reid make a six-high straight to scoop the pot, beating Berge’s queens and deuces to lock up the entire pot and the title. Berge was awarded $70,126 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings POY Points
1 Jermaine Reid $113,459 600
2 Peder Berge $70,126 500
3 John Hoang $48,138 400
4 John Monnette $33,734 300
5 Esther Taylor $24,145 250
6 Carol Fuchs $17,658 200
7 Espen Sandvik $13,202 150
8 John Racener $10,095 100

Winner photo credit: WSOP / Rachel Kay Miller.