Jimmy G Next Team Odds –

Jimmy G Next Team Odds –

Jan 30, 2022; Inglewood, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo leaves the field after losing to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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Jimmy Garoppolo is a very unique player who is in a very unique situation. He is a player that has guided his team to a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship games, yet that same team doesn’t want him any longer.

There are two ways to look at how the 49ers organization views Jimmy G. They either think that the guy they have waiting in the wings (Trey Lance)  is ready to supplant a guy who is 33-14 as a starter. Or, they think Jimmy G. is truly incapable of winning the big one and it is time to move on.

Jimmy G. is in the final year of a 5 year – $137M contract. The 49ers gave him permission recently to seek a trade, The new team would have to be willing to take on the last year of this massive contract, or at least a large chunk of it.

Here are the teams favored to be the next home of Jimmy G:

Cleveland Browns +225

Yes, the team that just went out and acquired DeShaun Watson and paid him beaucoup bucks may need to employ Jimmy G. in a “stop-gap” role as Watson is expected to be suspend for the first half of the 2022 season. I am sure Browns fans are scratching their head but management believes if they can win half of their first 8 games, then Watson can come in and close the season on a winning record. Other than the amount of money doled out for all of this, its a good move.

N.Y. Giants +350

Time is almost up in NY for DJ

The Daniel Jones era is in doubt. This is a make-or-break season for the QB. His stats actually look decent having throw 45 TD’s to just 29 INT’s in his three seasons in the league. But his record is not good at 12-25. And we are not seeing any of the flashes of brilliance you see out of other great players even early in their careers. Jimmy G. would come in to compete for the job and if he is successful you could see the Giants sign the former Bill Belichick 2nd round draft pick to a long term deal.

Seattle Seahawks +350

We are surprised head coach Pete Carroll is sticking around after trading away his Super Bowl winning QB. In all reality the Seahawks’ best days are behind them. They had a great run making it to two Super Bowls and winning one of them. But now its down to Drew Lock and Geno Smith to take this team to the promised land. This doesn’t look like a likely outcome. If Seattle picks up Garoppolo, then they have a guy who has won some pretty big games. This will be their last hurrah under 70 year old coach Pete Carroll.

Texans +400

I mean wtf do the Texans have to lose right? They are a snakebitten franchise. It all started under former head coach Bill O’Brien, whose career started strong enough, but then he made some really bonehead decisions down the stretch and lost the confidence of his players and management. Throw in the aforementioned DeShaun Watson fiasco and lack of star players and you have a team that will be lucky to win 4 games in 2022. Are they really going to stay with David Mills, the Stanford product who went 2-9 last season? Its hard to tell at this point. Jimmy G. would be an upgrade that is for sure.

The Rest:

Lions                +500

Bears               +1200

Jets                  +2000

Saints              +2000