Jivaro HUD Users Accuse Company of Exit Scam

Jivaro HUD Users Accuse Company of Exit Scam

16 Jan

Online poker players who were previous customers of Jivaro, the heads-up display (HUD) that gained a bit of popularity about seven or eight years ago, are complaining that the company continues to bill their accounts despite the HUD being inoperable.

An OP identified as ‘RoyalBadBeat’ took to Reddit recently to get some answers:

“Looking to see if anyone knows what ended up happening with Jivaro? Attempted to renew a years old subscription my and card keeps getting charged and but the subscription will not activate …. I’ve tried every method of contact with no luck.” Other Reddit forumites sounded off on the matter as well, a number of them singing the HUD’s praises, but also perturbed at the incessant monthly billing. “Super annoying,” stated ‘Abject-Ad-5130.’ “No communication from Jivaro to give a heads up or any info. Really sucks because Jivaro’s HUD was the best!! I don’t even want to play on Stars anymore. It was indeed my favourite Hud as well,” added ‘AlanChichilla.’ “No idea why they left the business, but one thing is sure: They didn’t plan to give any kind of heads-up info whatsoever. It’s the classic definition of an exit scam.” The Jivaro Poker HUD was previously compatible at PokerStars, but a number of software updates at the red spade a few years ago seemingly put the kibosh on the HUD’s functionality. The following was just one of several tweets relating to problems incurred.

About one year after that tweet, the company was touting a new website and support for Mac users among other updates “in the pipeline,” but took almost another year after that to launch Jivaro 2.0 Beta.

Shortly thereafter, Jivaro Poker released what appears to be their final tweet – and that was three years ago:

Apparently, speeding up development wasn’t in the cards, as attested to by Jivaro HUD users who can no longer activate the online poker tool.

The Reddit OP chimed in with an update to the billing problem:

“I’ve blocked the merchants it no longer takes out funds, however the redundant notification that it tries to hit my card is annoying. It continues to try month after month.”

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