Jordan Cristos Calls Daniel Negreanu a “Pathological Compulsive Liar” in Twitter War

30 Dec

There was no Christmas cheer between highstakes pros Jordan Cristos and Daniel Negreanu, with Cristos this week calling Negreanu a “pathological compulsive liar” as an argument erupted on Twitter…

The pair have previous for airing their differences in public so it wasn’t entirely a surprise when Cristos came out swinging, accusing Negreanu of being a losing PLO player.

“This guy gets 1st/2nd in two tiny field mtt’s over the last decade and wants to be recognized as the goat of goats. To the point where @BuffaloHanks who watches him regularly doesn’t even know he’s a losing Pot Limit Omaha player, posts on twitter he’s “great at all games”.

Describing DNegs as a “fake show boater” he argued:

“This guy is parading around like he wins at all forms of poker but he loses at PLO and has PokerGO reps promoting him as a winning plo player. Guy is high stakes Jerry Yang and genuinely believes he’s the goat lol.”

Never mind that Cristos tagged the wrong Negreanu Twitter account in his barrage of insults. He continued his attack:

“Dnegs is a clown and I’d decimate him in an online poker bet and in the live arena, either plo or nlh, I got him notched in both games, both arenas. Imagine playing for nine years and having every morsel of profit come from one tournament. That’s not tragic but that’s not good.”

The remarks come on the back of Negreanu revealing his annual profit/loss figures, this year seeing Kid Poker bank a whopping $1,625,545 profit…

That was an above average posting, helped by his monster Super High Roller Bowl VII victory in October worth $3,312,000.

Negreanu is the only player of note who consistently lets the public see how he is doing, the last decade of tournament results revealing just how much of a crusher he is.

  • 2013 +$1,963,500
  • 2014 +$7,100,164
  • 2015 +$952,920
  • 2016 -$1,246,693
  • 2017 -$86,140
  • 2018 +$1,412,053
  • 2019 +$831,891
  • 2020 Covid
  • 2021 +$584,023
  • 2022 +$1,625,545
  • Total: +$13,137,263
  • Avg: +$1,459,695

He has also never been shy about arguing his side on Twitter, and Cristos was never going to get off lightly, Negreanu stating:

“1. He Doesn’t have money. He begs me for money all the time and I always say no.
2. I would book any bets on any live events he wanted, but he has to post, his money or money be borrowed and begged for.
3. I would drive him to a homeless shelter when it’s over.”

When Cristos tried the good old Twitter bluff, DNegs snap-called…

The previous between Negreanu and Cristos goes back several years, with Cristos coming in for severe criticism from all sides for his notorious serial-tanking.

Negreanu’s take on Cristos’ slow-play was quite simple:

“If everyone acted the way Jordan Cristos does in tournament poker, it would cease to exist. Not only would it destroy the structures where you get only 10-15 hands an hour, it makes the game boring for amateurs, which also eats into a pro’s profits. Jordan talks a lot about respecting the game and respecting the players, but his actions show absolutely no respect for other players’ time or what is best for the game or the community.”

Meanwhile, Cristos appears to be the gift that keeps on giving, starting another spat, this time with Chris Hunichen.

He even appeared to be looking for even more action as he asked for poker cheats Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler to be reinstated for the coming PokerGO season.

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