Justin Bonomo Calls Out Chris Hunichen for Not Revealing Positive Covid Test

Justin Bonomo Calls Out Chris Hunichen for Not Revealing Positive Covid Test

09 Nov

Justin Bonomo has called out fellow highstakes pro Chris Hunichen for failing to inform him he had tested positive for Covid-19 just days after playing together at the same WSOP table…

Just found out today, that 17 days ago, I played poker next to someone who had Covid with symptoms at the time

This person tested positive for covid immediately after the tournament, played with me 2 days in a row, has my contact info, and still made no attempt to let me know

— Bonologic (@JustinBonomo) November 6, 2021

Bonomo didn’t name Hunichen in his tweets, but he called the failure to inform other players “grossly negligent” describing the World Series of Poker as “a prime candidate for being a super-spreader event.”

The 36-year-old, 3-time bracelet winner claimed:

“One simple message could have potentially saved many lives…Please don’t be this person… If you get covid, let people know. It literally saves lives.”

While poker Twitter was trying to work out which pro Bonomo was referring to, Chris Hunichen stepped forward.

Justin is talking about me here! First, this is very dramatic and overblown. I didn’t know I had Covid until after the 50k. After playing, I hung out with 7-8 of my best friends as well as my wife and cousin. I smoked hookah, blunts, joints etc with everyone. Also was in much https://t.co/WRzcwJV87R

— Chris Hunichen – OTCtrade.com (@BigHuni) November 7, 2021

A raft of follow up tweets from the man known as “Big Huni” seemed to play down the importance of letting his fellow WSOP contestants know.

“Every single one of my friends/wife/kids/cousin tested negative the next couple of days. I bought 40 rapid tests and everyone tested constantly. If just one of them had Tested positive then I understand the point here, but if all of them are negative there is no way anybody from the 50k was infected by me.”

Hunichen also pointed out that he was also “very fucked up from covid and was focused on staying alive and out of the hospital,” though he admitted:

“In hindsight, I probably should’ve said something but I def don’t think it’s wrong that I didn’t. Every single person in close contact after the 50k tested negative so no reason to mention it to Bonomo or anyone else at 50k.”

Meanwhile Bonomo was fending off attacks of his own, his admission that, “Hell, I went to EDC that weekend not knowing I should have gotten tested,” not going down too well.

The EDC, or Electric Daisy Carnival, is a renowned dance music festival and attracted more than 300,000 people, with their close proximity making it even more likely to be a super-spreader event than the WSOP.

6) like you did, then immediately blast me on Twitter at least ask more questions to get all the facts because this is just nonsense!

— Chris Hunichen – OTCtrade.com (@BigHuni) November 7, 2021

Amidst the arguing and finger-pointing, Bonomo did have a serious point, reminding people that despite the vaccination that WSOP players had to prove to compete this year, “it does not mean that I can’t get covid or spread covid to others.”

Bonomo added a point about the long-term effects of the virus:

“Long covid is real, and we don’t fully understand how bad or permanent it can be yet. The vaccine does not offer 100% protection against long covid.”

Earlier this week, GGPoker ambassador Vanessa Kade revealed that she had recovered from the “Most sick I’ve been in my life” having contracted Covid-19 last month.

Kade was eligible to play the Main Event according to the WSOP rules and took her seat at the weekend, masked although the rules don’t mandate players to wear face coverings.

We find @VanessaKade out in the Day 1C field for a quick chat… pic.twitter.com/Xq3PWyxToW

— Jeff Platt (@jeffplatt) November 7, 2021

So far at the World Series of Poker there have been only isolated cases such as Kade and Hunichen and hopefully it remains that way as the Main Event enters day 1e today.

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