Kitty Kuo Seeks a BF, Shaun Deeb Suggests Fat Lazy American

Kitty Kuo Seeks a BF, Shaun Deeb Suggests Fat Lazy American

02 Aug

With the WSOP concluded, it appears that Kitty Kuo has her mind on other pursuits.

The Natural8 ambassador let it be known via social media that she’s holding auditions for a new boyfriend. For those interested in applying, however, there are a number of parameters to be followed.

While those requirements appear to perhaps be more suited for fulfillment by a male escort than a boyfriend, a later tweet by Kuo was even more stringent with regard to her finding a perfect mate.

As you can imagine, that tweet sparked a bit of controversy as men who found themselves on the excluded list were none too pleased with Kitty’s range. Commenters to her tweet tossed around words such as “racist” and “high maintenance” about the Taiwanese poker pro.

Kuo dutifully explained the reasoning behind her particular snubs, further alienating many with her generalizations.

With her list of eligible suitors severely diminished, several of Kuo’s followers responded with suggestions for a perfect match. Of course, Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler’s name was mentioned more than once as Americans are apparently within Kitty’s lovelife range.

Speaking of Americans, and despite being married, Shaun Deeb seemingly threw his own hat into the ring.

Have any more questions for Kitty? Answers will be forthcoming on Thursday, August 4 at 17:00 UTC on reddit as Kuo is scheduled to appear on an Ask Me Anything segment.

Potential suitors who have yet to meet Kitty may want to tune in, especially after viewing the following photos posted on Twitter as an introduction to possible mates.

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