Kitty Kuo Slammed for Treatment of KL Cleeton

Kitty Kuo Slammed for Treatment of KL Cleeton

24 Jun

Natural 8 ambassador Kitty Kuo has pissed off pretty much everyone in the poker community this week by complaining about popular pro KL “highhands89” Cleeton and his need for an assistant while playing live poker.

5. Make sure when players try to be assholes to disabled players, pls do something

— spicy (@ElleSriracha) June 22, 2022

Cleeton has had “Postlegate” whistleblower Veronica Brill by his side at several of this year’s WSOP events, his Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 condition making it impossible for him to physically play his hands and place bets.

However, as with numerous poker players over the years who are blind, partially-sighted, or otherwise disabled in some way, an assistant keeps the game running smoothly and ensures the game is inclusive.

Both Kuo and Cleeton were playing in event #46, the $5k 6-handed NLHE bracelet tournament, but Kuo had some problems with “2Fast4You” founder Cleeton. What was said isn’t entirely clear, but it left a sour taste in the entrepreneurial businessman’s mouth…

Poker is for everyone and treating someone like an “other” because of the need for an assistant is not okay.

Be a reason the game grows, not a reason it shrinks.

— K.L. Cleeton highhands.eth (@highhands89) June 22, 2022

Cleeton, the co-founder of RangeTrainerPro and an amusing guy with several thousand Twitter followers, wasn’t short of support, Veronica Brill among those upset by Natural 8 ambassador Kuo’s actions.

“This makes me insanely frustrated that someone could treat you like she did,” wrote Brill, and others were quick to follow.

Poker pro and “chess queen” Jennifer Shahade wrote:

“So lame to hear this happened. I am so happy you’re playing so much this year and can’t wait to see you.”

Bobby Schmidt III took the humourous approach, tweeting:

“I treat you like an other cause you three bet me more than any fucker that’s ever lived!”

Taiwan-born Kuo has yet to comment publicly on the controversy, but a tweet may have revealed the source of her complaint…

Please add iPad time bank up to buy in @WSOP 5k please
This is insane slow at 6max

— kitty kuo (@kittykuopoker) June 21, 2022

KL Cleeton hit the headlines last year when the poker community rallied around to help buy a specially-adapted van which would allow him to attend the World Series of Poker.

The fundraiser, organised by Brill, saw many of the game’s biggest names and most popular players chip in to make Cleeton’s dream come true.

Big thank you to @phil_hellmuth@Oscillator_WSOP@JamieKerstetter@LandonTice@andrewneeme@JohnnieVibes@BrentHarrington@RyanLeng9@BartHanson@TuckonSports@jeffplatt@ICuRaRook@BennyGlaser@KevinRobMartin for your time and generosity today. I am truly grateful to you all

— Veronica Brill (@Angry_Polak) May 24, 2021

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