Kutcher, Christensen Were Set To Play Me In Film

Phil Hellmuth appears more confident than ever that his life will one day be made into a major motion picture.

Hellmuth, who won his record 16th World Series of Poker bracelet last year, said on his Twitter account that there were two separate close calls for a film entitled “The Madison Kid” (Hellmuth is from Wisconsin), one way back in 2004 and the other in 2007.

“Ashton Kutcher was committed to play me in ‘The Madison Kid’ (a script about my life) in 2004,” Hellmuth said. “In 2007 Hayden Christensen was committed to play me.”

Hellmuth claimed another movie derailed Christensen’s involvement, ultimately dooming the project: “The movie was almost green lit, we had 43 out of 44 pieces in place, but Hayden was [the] 44th piece and chose to shoot ‘Jumper’ instead.”

Those years were at the height of the online poker boom, before the industry took a hit in 2011 when the major websites, including a prominent site Hellmuth worked with in a brand ambassadorship role, left U.S. cyberspace.

“For sure ‘The Madison Kid’ (movie about my life will get made, it’s a good script),” Hellmuth claimed. “We need a 20-something year old actor that looks like me, as the script ends in 1989 [with] me winning the WSOP main event. Kutcher and Christensen both would have been great!”

Many responded to Hellmuth with the suggestion of Star Wars actor Adam Driver.

Both Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Negreanu had great responses of their own.

This makes no sense. Your movie getting made and them casting you with those good looking guys. My movie they want to cast me with this guy. @HaleyJoelOsment it’s ok I never met him but he seems like my kind of guy and looks kinda like me which makes him sexy AF https://t.co/2s6yEvacx5 pic.twitter.com/Z455jSMraf

— Chris Moneymaker (@CMONEYMAKER) February 12, 2022

The movie about my life “The Toronto Kid” was set to be made but they couldn’t decide on Michael B. Jordan, David Beckham, or Brad Pitt to play me.

All dead ringers and they all wanted it, became such a mess of a feud I canned the film. pic.twitter.com/j0QrqKBpZF

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) February 12, 2022