LA Woman Buys The Wrong Lotto Ticket & Wins  Million

LA Woman Buys The Wrong Lotto Ticket & Wins $10 Million

13 Apr

An LA woman is $10million richer after a chance encounter led her to buy the wrong $30 lottery ticket in California – an innocent bump from a passer-by meaning she pressed the wrong button on the lottery terminal!

LA County player wins $10 Million after accidentally
pushing the wrong button on a Scratchers® vending machine! Read all about it in our latest news release!

— CA Lottery Press (@calotterypress) April 7, 2022

41-year-old LaQuedra Edwards won the monster prize last November, the lottery company this week revealing the incredible good fortune involving Edwards’ ticket.

Initially intending to buy multiple cheaper tickets for the Lottery Scratchers® vending machine at a Vons Supermarket in Tarzana, Los Angeles County, Edwards was bumped as she made her choice.

Edwards describes how “some rude person…just bumped into me, didn’t say a thing and just walked out the door,” with a $30 200X Scratchers ticket resulting from the faulty button press.

She recalled being annoyed that 75% of her $40 lottery budget had gone on a ticket she didn’t want, but that irritation changed to disbelief when she scratched off the winning numbers.

“I didn’t really believe it at first, but I got on the 405 freeway and kept looking down at (the ticket), and I almost crashed my car. I pulled over, looked at it again and again, scanned it with my (California Lottery mobile) app, and I just kept thinking this can’t be right.”

Her $30 blunder had just turned into a life-changing $10million win, and Edwards told lottery officials:

“I’m still in shock. All I remember saying once I found out how much I just won was, ‘I’m rich!’”

She wasn’t the only winner, as the store that sold the ticket found itself $50,000 richer, and Edwards’ own $10million windfall is going to be put to good use, with Edwards planning to buy a house and start a non-profit organization.

Lotto luck stories abound, with last year seeing a Colorado man bag two $1million Powerball prizes on the same day, using numbers he’d played for 30 years.

The semi-anonymous “Joe B” bought tickets in the steel-producing town of Pueblo in the morning at a 7-Eleven store, then a few more in the afternoon from a different store.

Both tickets came home and “Joe” was suddenly $2million richer, though how much of it he will actually see is down to his wife.

“The Boss has plans for it”, he explained to claims staff as his monster lotto win was verified.

There are those who would argue that winning the lottery isn’t always a lucky thing at all. Mukhtar Mohidin’s wife felt that way after her husband won £17.9million in the UK National Lottery back in 1994, the first £multi-million lottery win in the UK.

Mohidin’s lifestyle changed from that of a modest factory worker to the life of a playboy gambler, his marriage in ruins after he bought a new home, fathered a child with an escort, and spent most of his time in casinos gambling and getting drunk.

His family described 20 years of “good living” and “wild spending” as being responsible for his death, aged 64, by which time he was living in a £35 bed and breakfast in Berkshire.

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