Largest Home Underdog Spreads in NFL History

November 3, 2022

Here is a brief list of the Top 5 largest underdog point spreads in NFL history in countdown format:

#5: 2019 S.D. Chargers (-17) at Miami. The Chargers won and covered by the final score of 20-10.

#4: 1992 San Francisco (-17.5) at New England. 49ers won but did not cover, 24-12 final score.

#3: 2007 New England (-18.5) at Baltimore. New England escaped with a last minute 27-24 win and failed to cover the spread.

#2: 2007 New England (-22) at Miami. Miami seems to be on the wrong side of a lot of these huge lines. The Patriots won this game but did not cover 49-28.

#1: 1987 San Francisco (-23) at Atlanta. The 49ers won 25-17 and failed to cover the spread.

You can see that New England was involved in three of them and San Fran was involved in two. Of the top five largest home dogs, that home team covered four of them.


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