Las Vegas Grand Prix Tickets and Grandstands

So, you want to watch the Las Vegas Grand Prix in person? Well, you better be ready to fork over nearly $3,000 per person. And that doesn’t include your airfare, taxi rides, or food. But what an experience it will be to watch the cars zip past you at over 200 miles an hour on The Strip!

To be completely fair, the hefty price tag does include a 3 day Race Ticket, along with a 3 night Premium Stay at a nice resort. The package also includes an unlimited supply of food & beverages while you’re at the track. Of course, alcohol is not included, otherwise they risk losing money!

There will be two grandstand locations for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the first of which is near the pit stop near East Harmon. From there, spectators can watch the pit crews and see the start and finish lines. The real action takes place near Bellagio, however. The grandstands there will be in front of the fountains, where the cars will be traveling at unreal speeds.

The race will take place this November, from the 16th through the 18th. If you’re interested in booking a Las Vegas Grand Prix package, we’ve linked to the page here. And no, we do not get a cut of the sale. We’re just showing you where to go to book this amazing experience.



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