Las Vegas Omicron Means Mask Stay On • This Week in Gambling

Masks have been an indoor requirement since this past summer for casinos across Nevada. However, most people even wear their masks out on the Vegas Strip, although technically that’s not a requirement. Now, with the threat of a Las Vegas Omicron surge, the mask mandate is getting an update.

Duane Young, the Governor’s policy adviser, recently held a press conference where the updated mandate was unveiled. Moving forward, masks are still required while indoors, without regard to anyone’s vaccination status. This will remain in effect at least through the winter months, which has traditionally been the worst time for flu and holiday travel… a bad combination. Las Vegas and all of Nevada  are bracing for Omicron and a surge in Coronavirus cases throughout the winter.

The mandate will not be cancelled unless there are low or moderate positive Covid test numbers in a county, which means less that below 50 in every 100,000 persons are positive over two consecutive weeks. The latest state count for Coronavirus shows that number is currently over 400 cases per 100,000.

Many visitors to Sin City seem frustrated with the continuing mandates, registering their complaints about having to mask-up in casinos… but they keep coming. Now, with holiday travel approaching, the cooler winter months, shows re-opening, conferences starting up again, and new casinos like Resorts World opening, things are primed for a Las Vegas Omicron outbreak.

Well over 50% of Nevadan residents are vaccinated with two doses. Clark County (where Vegas is located) has a vaccination rate exactly 51.82%. No one really knows if that will slow down the Omicron strain, but we do know it will show up there eventually… if it’s not there already.